Katniss On The Couch

by Vee

Know a good therapist?  Cuz I know me some book characters (who are real in my head – have we established this yet?), that need one.  What can I say?  Once a pre-psych major, always a pre-psych major and there’s nothing I love more than to over analyze shiz.  If that means doing it for fictional characters, well so be it.  From time to time I will get the Freudian bug in me and ponder as to why the characters I love do what they do. 

A favorite in this crazy little game I play is my darling Katniss of The Hunger Games. Though very much the bad ass in our book (and upcoming movie – thaz right!  Woo, hoo!!!), she is seriously messed up. 

Katniss’ biggest flaw?  She’s a little empty inside.  Not that I blame her, on the contrary.  Her prob clearly stems from her abandonment issues.  Her father left her (well I mean, he died, so it’s not like he had a choice, poor guy) at a young age.  Her mother wasn’t there to provide the comfort she needed as she grieved for her father’s death and to provide her the security she so desperately needed for her and her little sister.  So, poor Katniss had to grow a nice, strong shell to cover her heart so she’d never get hurt again.  Not to mention to have the wherewithal to live in the horrid conditions of District 12.

So, she led most of her young life pushing others away, making sure no one got too close and not allowing herself to be happy.  For example, if I was Katniss, when I found out I was off to the first Hunger Games, I might have said, “Hey Gale, this might be the last time you get to see me…let’s make out, just don’t forget to take off your shirt.”  But she doesn’t.  What?  I know.

 And then there’s Peeta…and oh, do I love me some Peeta.  Now the deal is that just as with Gale, even though either of these fine gents would have gladly walked this lovely lady down the dusty streets of 12 and called her “his girl”, it was not to be for them…again, that crusty shell around her heart made this impossible for a very long time. 

 Not only that but she didn’t think she deserved to be loved.  Let us touch on the times when she talks about feeling “funny on the inside” after Peeta kisses or otherwise shares some affection with her.  She isn’t able to realize that the funny little feeling is love (or lust for the cynics out there).  Because she clearly doesn’t think she deserves to be loved.  By Gale, who she pushes off as “just a homie”, or by my man Peeta who she vacillates between feeling confusion and hate for.  And you know, the thing is, she’s right!  She’s a mess!!!! 

 So what I am saying is that with a little therapy she just might get through those issues and truly be happy with Peeta.  The way it was left at the end of The Mockingjay…well, I dunno.  One can only hope that they have some good marriage and family therapists in post-apocalyptic America.


4 thoughts on “Katniss On The Couch

  1. “I might have said, “Hey Gale, this might be the last time you get to see me…let’s make out, just don’t forget to take off your shirt.” But she doesn’t. What? I know.”
    Vee…funniest line ever. And totally true, obvs.

    • Moo, Tee, SO MOO! Which reminds me, we have to get busy on our “dictionary”…people need to know what all these truly awesome made up words mean, right? ;0)

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