Say What Bishes?

by Vee

My word, I do declare we’ve populated this blog with a bevy of posts that carry terms that perhaps aren’t a part of the regular, everyday person’s vocab.  This may come as a shock to you but Tee and I are not regular, everyday people so it only stands to reason that the way we talk isn’t “regular” either.  Most of who we are is pretty irregular, not just our vocab, but that’s another article altogether.

The Words page is comprised of terms Tee and I have come to use as part of a language painstakingly created through many years of hard work and careful selection.

OK, that’s so not true it’s not even funny.  (OK, it’s a little funny.)  But it’s just not how the crazy works.

Crazy talk just brimeth over and we take it and run.  Sometimes we read something in a book, or hear it in a movie, or just kinda, um, make it up when we’re having a particularly juvenile convo, which happens often (shocking, I know, we’re SO mature and all).  Essentially things just pop out of our mouths, and if we laugh, it’s part of the dictionary.  The screening process is just that stringent.

Now, we know it might have been a smart move to start this blog with a Words section that was all ready to go, but in all honesty, yea, um, Tee and I thought that the only people who would be reading this blog would be,well…us.  So this being said, it wasn’t necessary to hop to it since we KNOW what these terms are already —you know, cuz we made them up (or adopted them in some cases).  Really and truly when I say that this blog was a brainchild born of the need to set the crazy down on paper (or whatever this is), I mean it.  It was a way to let the crazy overflow and be housed somewhere so it would let us SLEEP!  Serious.

But what’s this?  Well, evidently there is a healthy group of peeps out there that get us, and can we tell you: we LOVE it!  And we love you back so we want to make sure you are included in the cray-zay talk fully and completely.  Consider it an early Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/Chinese New Year gift from us to you…kumbaya!

And now, without further ado, we present you with the terms that have stuck with us in the years that we’ve been MFEO’s.  (Don’t know what that means?  Read on and click the link at the end of this article, my people.)  This list will change from time to time as our senile brains remember all we’ve compiled in our years of friendship, or as we add to the repertoire from fresh material that arises.  We do hope that these will help as you read our crazy talk and that when you stumble upon a word/term you don’t know, you’ll click the link and never again have to ask yourself, “Say what bishes?”  Enjoy the aptly named:  Words.

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