A Christmas Poem for the Peeps

by Vee (who can’t promise that this rhymes well)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through Crazytown,

Not even a vampire was stalking stirring or making a sound.

The Crushers (as in YA Crush fans, ahem) were nestled all snug in their beds,

while visions of Peeta’s sugar cookies danced in their heads.


Vee in her “You looked like you swallowed a sock” tee

and Tee in her “Muggle” shirt best,

had just settled down for a chat and some rest .


When what to our wondering eyes should appear

but Michael Moscovitz and Skinner Box..

we just can’t believe it, but really, they’re here!


Along for the ride, we noticed right quick,

another fictional character?!?!?

Were our eyes playing tricks?

(And how big is this sleigh, anyway?)


Why no!  It is true, at least in my head,

it wasn’t just one, but a number of them!


“Come on, Mia,” said Michael to his beautiful lady,

“come on, Katniss and Frankie, it’s time to visit these crazies.

Let’s, move it, Jack Force,” gotta say his full name,

“and Edward, let’s go,

if we’re late it’ll be a bloody shame.”


Mmmmmm...buttah beah.

“Let’s get a move on Hermione,

there’s no homework here…

Adam and ‘If I Stay’ Mia

grab the pitcher of butterbeer!”


That’s when I saw Mr. Knightley

(duh-amn he looks good in that hat!)

We heard him say, “Alice, knock it off with the visions

and lift this sleigh STAT!”

For me? Oh Edward, you totally should have, you gorgeous immortal you.


As if they weighed nothing more than a dry pile of leaves,

Edward carried the packages as well as a wreath.


So up to the front door these characters raced,

and Tee and Vee ran to the hall mirror

to make sure their lip gloss was in place.

(Make up checks are always important when you’re about to meet some of your favorite fictional characters.)


And then, in a twinkling, we heard the doorbell…

and as we opened the door,

we smelled the most terrible smell.

Katniss cooked up a Christmas squirrel and it stunk like hell.


And then, to our greatest of loony delights,

they unloaded the gifts,

but alas had to bid us quickly good night.


Before they did leave on their magical sleigh

we heard them sing carols and loudly exclaim:

“No matter how crazy, no matter how old,

we wish all YA Crushers the best that this season holds.”


And here is the list,

as we love our lists so,

of the goodies they left us,

before they had to go…

1.       From Frankie:  Super stylish black pants and cashmere turtleneck —and also a ski mask…hmmm…new accessory for the season?

OMG, they make totes too.

2.       From Mia Thermopolis – A Greenpeace tee shirt.  And another “You look like you swallowed a sock” shirt, cuz Vee’s is getting kind of worn out.

3.       Mia and Adam – A CD of all the sad ass Yo Yo Ma songs that can make anyone cry.

4.       From Mr. Knightley – Just himself.  I just wanted to see him.  I love him, you know.

5.       From Hermione – A thesaurus to help me in my writing.  Oh, and some butter beer.

6.       From Alice – A whole new wardrobe.  And side note to Frankie…Alice didn’t think the ski mask was a good idea.  And as the saying goes: I’m bettin’ on Alice.

7.      From Jack Force – He just said his full name over and over a few times.  It was awesome.

8.       From Peeta (he sent it with Katniss) – Some of that delish cheesy bread.  He made the bread to go along with the dead squirrel…alas, nothing goes well with dead squirrel.

9.       Michael Moscovitz– A snowflake necklace. (I know its Mia’s special gift, but I want one.  Mia won’t mind — in my head.)

10.   Edward – the little Audi sports coup that stupid Bella wouldn’t accept.  I dig Audi’s and I am gracious when someone gives ME a gift (take that Bella…).

Much to my delight, feather wreaths, like the one in my head, really exist. And now, I need to revise my letter to Santa.

11.   Edward – Yes, again.  Because a) he’s loaded so he can afford two gifts and b) he’s my favorite, so he gets to go twice.  Remember that wreath he had?  It was made out of white feathers, thank you very much.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a crazy night from YA Crush.

9 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem for the Peeps

    • I think Vee just found it in an online image search. I know she saw it at Kohls a couple of years ago, believe it or not, because she was trying to talk my husband into buying it for me for Christmas (he didn’t fall for it). 🙂

      • Hey and thanks for the reply.
        I really love that snowflake necklace . Only place i found this,is on this website.

      • Do you live in Cali? I saw one at the gift shop at Hearst Castle in San Simeon (weird, right?). I wish I’d bought it. It was just a little cheapy one (less than $10), but it was so cute.

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