Just Because You’re a Fictional Character, It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Better Yourself

By Vee

 Happy New Year!  (Yea, a month in, and I’m still saying it.)  With the new year come all those promises about losing weight, being a better person, and all that jazz.  It begs the question, (don’t ya think): What are some of our favorite book characters working on in the new year?  (Because they ARE, you know, it’s not like they’re not real.)

 I, for one, would love to know if Alpha can finally be a man in 2011 and own up to the fact that Frankie Landau Banks (I need to say her full name), totally moded, corroded and exploded his doggie arse.  Yea! 

OK Katniss...now tell me about your relationship with your mother. Oh shiz...

 Or perhaps this might be the year that Katniss wants to give a ring a ding ding to the local therapist and work on those pesky intimacy issues. 

 And while we’re on the subject of The Hunger Games characters, hey, um, Haymitch, I hear AA has been waiting for you to pop in for a visit. 

 Or maybe, Jacob Black could decide that this just might be the year to stop being YA Crush’s bitch who stole our pads.  Not likely, I mean, I’d have to re-write that whole story.  Hmmm…there’s a thought. 

 But I digress! 

 In other news, Mia Thermopolis may decide to…wait, she already rocks the house.  Not only is she all about Greenpeace, she wrote a book (like for real, right?) and donated all the proceeds to them.  Hulloh?  Is it a wonder we heart Mia?  (And plus, did everyone SEE how fab she looked at the Golden Globes with that taupe-80’s inspired numbah with the low back?  Wait…)

 As for me?  I am keeping it real, party people…I KNOW that come December 31, 2011, I probably won’t have abs of steel, I probably won’t have learned Italian, and I probably won’t have lost the lil’ love handles that remind me one must suffer a bit in the looks department for the love of having children.  But I will have lost 10 inches of hair. 

 Say whaaaaat?

 Inspired by all that these fictional characters are doing (in my head) working towards their goal of self-actualization, I thought and thought. 

Soooo...this is Carl Jung. Um, if this is what self-actualized looks like, I might be having second thoughts.

P.S. Thank you Meg Cabot, oh queen of the YA, for the awesome term I steal again and again for my own personal amusement.  And Carl Jung, can have some credit too, if you want to get technical.

 But as we were: there I was thinking and thinking.  What could I do to feel like I am doing something for the world?  I mean, I recycle, I volunteer at school, and I’ve taught my boys to clear their plates and hold the door open for ladies (you’re welcome future daughters-in-law).  I even spread the love of YA books in my quest for world domination.  OK, maybe that’s not a good example of my attempts at altruism.  So, what to do, what to do???  And then it hit me. 

 St. Baldrick’s is an event held each year at my local school.  Students, parents, staff and community members alike, participate in this worthy event by shaving their hair and finding sponsors willing to make a donation which will go towards cancer research.  Now, nobody panic…I am NOT shaving my hair (I would but I have a nearly tween age child who I still have to walk to school every day and, really, that would just be cruel).  Luckily, a local hair salon sends their fabu team for anyone who would like to chop off their hair (minimum 10 inches) at this event.  The hair is donated to Locks of Love, something I’ve done before, and is used to make wigs for those who have lost their own lovely tresses due to chemo.

 And so, this year, instead of empty promises about changing the world (though I am still planning on taking over it), or changing my body, I am going to, perhaps not change a life, but hopefully make one a little brighter.  And in the process I will work on my vanity…my hair, like Joe March from Little Women, is the thing I consider my one beauty.  I love my long hair, I love that hair won’t be mad atchya if you have an extra piece of cheesecake.  Just wash it, use the right hair products, brush it like Marsha Brady and, no matter what you ate that day (week, month or year), it will still look pretty and shiny for you.  Once in a while, though, I think it’s good to put this kind of vanity in check. 

 So won’t you help me help others?  I am putting the link up for anyone who would like to help me in reaching my goal of donating $1,000.


  Thanks to everyone who can help!  Love, Vee

5 thoughts on “Just Because You’re a Fictional Character, It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Better Yourself

  1. … Self-Actualization is generally associated with Abraham Maslow, and his Hierarchy of Needs…

    This was a fun post- looking at all these characters! Good luck meeting all your goals!

  2. Lol… Sorry about that… I graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology. Jung was originally a follower of Freud, and his theories revolve around archetypes. 🙂 Although, going off your picture, I don’t know that I would want to look like Maslow either. 😉

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