By Tee

Ahh love is in the air.  Valentines are looming somewhere in the back of our minds. The aisles of Target are swarming with red hearts, cheesy romance cards and boatloads of candy. And online articles about things like this can be found—yet another reminder of why I love to slip into the world of  Young Adult books (Michael Moscovitz being reason number one , obvs).  Because stuff written for or about moms, grown ups— and worse, grown ups in love— is usually kinda awful.  Oh there are exceptions of course.  I still read parenting articles and political blogs and I love many a hilarious Sophie Kinsella novel.  I still feel that nothing tops The Time Traveler’s Wife or classics by Jane Austen—but overall it seems that often adult books and articles, especially things written for women, are tempered with overall dissatisfaction in life and love.  I just can’t relate to it.

So to celebrate the sweet, swoony and often cringe-inducing moments of love in our favorite genre, we are hereby christening February as a month of love (or luuuuurve as Bridget Jones calls it.  Yet another v. good adult series).  Let the lovefest begin!

If anyone ever buys me these I WILL facepunch them

2 thoughts on “U MLT MY HEART

  1. i’m looking at those candy hearts and they are cringe worthy fo sho…but i have to wonder…why the “OOPS” one? Is is because Bella is always falling? Or “oops” Edward almost killed Bella?


  2. “Oops! Guys who look 17 and are actually 100 are kinda pervy.”
    “Oops! I kinda suck. What does Edward see in me?”

    Oh Li Li, we could do this for days, couldn’t we? But yes, I think they mean that she falls alot– finally something about Bella that I can relate to. 🙂

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