Swoon City: Vee’s BF List

by Vee

Well, it about damn time isn’t it?  I know.  Sorry homies.  But hey, quality…it’s all about quality.  Just as in real life, I am kind of difficult when choosing my literary men.  And so, it took a very lucky reading binge I recently went on to have enough guys that were worthy of my BF list.  In case you were wondering, of said reading binge, the men that came out victorious were St. Clair of Anna and the French Kiss and Will of Clockwork Angel.

Thanks to MFEO for the reviews that had me running to the bookstore in a frenzy.  Which reminds me…I’d like to take this time to apologize to my local bookstore clerk.  Sorry, I know I scared you when I ran into the YA section and told you to hand me the books and no one would get hurt.  I’ll work on that whole serenity thing we talked about.

And now…drumroll please…Vee’s Boyfriend List.

3 thoughts on “Swoon City: Vee’s BF List

  1. Finally! After the hilarious lists you and Tee have posted, I’ve been dying for that boyfriend list. It was laugh out loud hilarious, to the point where I was holding my gut. *lol*

    Thanks for the update! Again, I say, finally!

    Asher K. 😉

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