Katniss the Covergirl

by Tee (with commentary by Miss Vee)

Well by now you’ve seen it, you know, unless you’ve been living under a rock: Entertainment Weekly’s newest cover girl, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from The Hunger Games film.

First official pic of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

  So basically, it’s a full on spazzfest over here because she looks pretty amazing—not that we ever had any doubts.  Not like we do with some of the other casting (cough, cough).  But this is a happy post.  We won’t go there.
Since we haven’t talked about the newest members (unless you follow our Facebook), let’s discuss it amongst ourselves.
Tee:  Me thinks she look like one serious butt-kicker.  I love that she has arrows coming out of her pack.  I love that she’s brunette and more olive-complected because this is how Katniss is described. Also, and I may be over analyzing, but I think she has a good balance of tough-girl-who-is-doing-what-she-has-to-especially-if-it-involves-skinning-a-squirrel-or-something-like-it mixed with the look of someone who has a bit more heart—one who loves her sister, her best friend and that sweet, delicate dough boy, Peeta.  I see it in her eyes.  Or I’m crazy.  I’m going with the eyes though.
Vee: I’m with Tee…it’s CLEARLY all said in the eyes…all of it.  Especially that bit about Peeta.  Say what?  And also, my favorite thing…the pin!!!!!!  It’s will be the accessory to have.  I am so getting it for opening night!  I am certain Hot Topic will have some version of it.
Tee: How did I miss the pin?  Kind of a big detail! Love it.

Willow Shields

Tee:  I see her sweet face and I think about Mockingjay and all I can think is WHYYYYYYY???? Why Suzanne Collins!!!!

Vee: People, perfect Prim.  Just look at her.  The look says, “I am super sweet but, like, super hungry.  Won’t you share your wild berries and squirrel with me?  Here, have some goat milk.”  And, um, like I so would.  Share my food, that is.  I’ll pass on the goat milk, thank you.


Woody Harrelson

TeeHe seems like in real life he’d be drunk and crazy most of the time, so I think he’s perfect.  Plus, I loved him in Zombieland (and Cheers. Always Cheers).

Vee:  And also in that surfer movie that I don’t remember the name of, and which wasn’t so good, though he was good in it.  I dig this dude as Haymitch.  It makes sense.  That surfer dude that he played, it bodes well for the (allegedly) good-for-nothing Haymitch.


Elizabeth Banks

TeeClearly I’m not going to say I told you so.  Even though I did. Let’s ignore the fact that no one else I picked was chosen.  This is because the gods of movie cast picking despise me.

Vee:  Dude (I’m talking to you Tee)…Did you ever know that you’re my hero???  You are the wind beneath my literary wings.  You called it.  And she’s totes perf.  I could have lived with my pick, but hey, clearly, since we share a brain and all, this works too.  I am IN.

Caesar Flickerman

Stanley Tucci

Tee: I love him because he can play someone you adore:  the awesome sauce guy in The Devil Wears Prada.  Or someone you hate: the creepy guy in The Lovely Bones (which I refuse to read or watch because the previews freak me out—mainly because of him, thus proving my point.)

Vee:  DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, I read Lovely Bones!  Remember that one time that our friend – MyShell – thaz her icognito name – tried to do the book club thing that didn’t stick but which was fun because we got to get all our BFF’s together and eat yummy food?  Lovely Bones was one of the books.  APPARENTLY somebody, whose name starts with a T and finishes with an -ee didn’t do her homework.  My point being, I read it and it was Creepsville and depressing and I won’t watch “the Tooch” in that role.  Even though I am sure he acts the pants out of that part, because he rocks the hiz house.  I love him—like, so much.  I wish he was my GBF, because he seems to be a good one.  I liked The Devil Wears Prada. He can play any part, and I will love him.  Best actor ever.  He’ll be sheer perfection in this role.  Just like he was playing Julia Child’s beloved.

Tee: In my defense, another member of that book club told me, “Dude, I know you. You’ll hate that book because you have daughters and you’re already kind of paranoid.” Being that she was right, I took her advice. I will not read it.  Plus I don’t like her other books.  I mean where are the Jonah Griggs and Michael Moscovitzes in her novels?  Nowhere!

Seneca Crane

Wes Bentley

Tee: All I know of him is American Beauty, in which he was naked and wanted to kill his dad.    I think this means he’ll be a good bad guy.   I like this choice.

Vee:  Just get a load of those eyes, will you????  I’m on board this train!  Choo, choo!


Amandla Stenberg

Tee: If we talk about Rue, I’m going to cry.  She’s perfect. End. Of. Story.

Vee: Ditto.  But just look at that face.  OMG.  Tee, you know we’ll need an extra-large box of Kleenex, right?  OMG, I think I need one now.  Just look at that face.  Damn you President Snow!!!!!!!

Now the big question is WHO WILL BE CINNA?????  Beyond that, other than the two who will not be named,  we have a pretty good cast (in truth, Tee is coming to terms with Peeta.  What??? I know. I’m coming to terms and I’m referring to myself in the third person.  Which is weirder?).

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