Top Ten Tuesday: Book Settings

by Tee

The awesome blog The Broke and Bookish host a weekly feature called Top Ten Tuesday.  Being that we love us some lists, how have we not participated in this before?  I have no idea.  In any case, we are sooooo in now.

Today’s topic is: Top Ten Books Settings

1. Genovia – If you regularly read this blog, you knew that was the answer.  Maybe because you’re just a little bit psychic or maybe because I am crazy insane obsessed with The Princess Diaries and all things relating to it (ahem, Michael Moscovitz).  Even if I didn’t need to believe that Michael was dividing his time between NY and Genovia with the awesomeness that is Princess Mia, I still think Genovia sounds like a pretty great place.  It even has its own website.  If only it were a country.  Looks alot like Monaco, doesn’t it?

2. Hogwarts– Was there any question about this?  I mean, hello, it’s Harry Potter.  Hand me a Marauder’s Map (and a butter beer or two) and let’s go to town exploring the best boarding school ever!

3. Cousins Beach– I’m not even sure if this is a real place or not.  Is it?  I mean, I’m sure there is a place called Cousins Beach, but I think the one from Jenny Han’s Summer Books (The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer) is fictional.  Either way, I’d love to spend my summers at the Fisher beach house. Especially if Conrad was hanging around.

4. New York City– So many great books take place in New York. I’ve been lucky enough to travel there (only once. Sad face) and I will never forget the incredible energy radiating from that city.  It was beautiful and full of life and now, makes me think of Mia & Michael (Princess Diaries) and Adam& Mia (Where She Went), among others. Also, I think I really deserve a Magnolia Bakery cupcake.

5.  That Place Where All The Sarah Dessen Books Take Place– Yeah, so there’s no actual city name, but Sarah Dessen’s books all take place in a fictional town in the Northeast.  All the residents visit the same gas stations and get their coffee at  Java Jump and their breakfast at World Of Waffles.  Every book makes it sound like the city isn’t too big or too small, but has a homey feel.  Also, somewhere in that imaginary land, Wes Baker is fake living and fake breathing.  That is reason enough to want to visit.

6. Boarding School– I’m thinking especially of Alabaster Preparatory Academy (of the Frankie Landau Banks School of In Your Face).  I’m sure I would have been a totally wimpy kid who was seriously homesick like that dork from Real Genius, so I never would have made it through boarding school, but YA books make it sound like so much fun, dog.

7. Hartfield (or pretty much anyplace in the olden time English countryside/Jane Austen novel)- Oh Emma and Harriet and Mrs. Weston had such complicated lives out there in Jane Austenland, doing needlepoint and sipping tea, and gossiping about Mrs. Elton.  Nevermind the fact that they didn’t have epidurals or good hygiene yet (or all of their teeth, I presume)or that women had essentially no rights.  Men wore hats and breeches! They tipped their hats and bowed to the fairer sex!  And they did a bunch of complicated dances.  I think it all sounds kind of dreamy, or is that just me?

8. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory– You guys, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my favorite book when I was a kid.  I read it obsessively and can rightfully blame it and Roald Dahl for the fact that I must eat chocolate every single day.  No exceptions.  This has nothing to do with my lack of willpower or addiction to sugar. Nope.  It’s all that wacky, corkscrew-haired Willy Wonka’s doing.  His factory sounded magical and full of wonder and I spent so much time imagining it as a child that it has truly left a mark on me.

9.  Jellicoe Road– I know there is alot of drama that happens in this amazing book.  These poor kids experience things in life that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  But on Jellicoe Road there is a sense of hope.  There is the ability to, despite the circumstances, shed it all and (in the end) be a kid again by playing in the territory wars.  I know it takes the whole book for them to figure out that the games should be fun and friendly, but eventually they do.  I like to think that they’re all out there now, drawing their lines and planning their attacks (with Taylor Markham head to head against Jonah Effing Griggs. Always).

10. Paris, France– I’ve never been to Europe but I’ve heard that despite the fact that French people supposedly hate Americans (is this true? I hope not because I could never eat another croissant again if that were the case.  Ok, not true. I’d totally still eat them. And I’d eat them in Paris amongst the hateful anti-American glares). In truth, like most people, I have always wanted to go to Paris but what made me want to go all the more was reading Anna and the French Kiss.    So France, even if the feelings are one-sided, I think I love you.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Settings

  1. How much do I love that we get to make lists on a weekly basis? It’s like someone was wondering how to make our lives better…well they found it! 🙂
    Love your list, but for my list I’d just say I’d prob’s make Hogwarts first, then Cousin’s Beach (sigh). Genovia would be in there for sure, because who doesn’t want to meet MM? But you know, PD is your thang, so you gotsa put it first. I’d add Forks, except for, well, there’s all those tour companies up there now and that totally takes away from the mystique…I’d feel a little Cheese-City being one of them tourists. So maybe moral of the story is, if you could really make it happen, maybe the magic of visiting the place goes away? Then again, I could technically visit Hogwarts in Florida, but somehow I still desperately want to. Maybe it’s just cuz RP and I broke up recently on account of…he just doesn’t know how to behave at awards shows. Of course this could all change as soon as I see Breaking Dawn on the big screen. I’ll keep you posted. MFEO, I think this turned into an e-mail instead of a reply to your post, like, 7 sentences ago. Yikes! Did I break a record for longest comment? And look…I’m STILL talking. Something is wrong with me.

  2. Paris IS a fantastic setting for a book. I was just there last year and it’s amazing. I added Notre Dame Cathedral to my list (although, I haven’t read Victor Hugo’s novel yet…).

    New Follower! Great list.

  3. i would totally put Hogwarts at the top of my list. And Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of course.i would probably include Oz, Wonderland, and Narnia too. And since the name of my blog is Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl, of course i’d have to put River Heights on my list. i would have to add New York too because i’ve ALWAYS wanted to go there and it’s the setting for one of my favorite series’ Fearless by Francine Pascal.
    Great post btw. 🙂

    • Oz and Narnia! How did I forget those? And River Heights. I love that. I was so into Nancy Drew when I was a kid and now my daughter is loving them. I’d forgotten how great that series is until recently!

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