Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Review of the Trailer…really)

by Vee

Yes, this is in fact a write up on the 45 second (or whatever) preview of the first Breaking Dawn movie that they played at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.  This article is a companion to my article on the awards, so read that one first, if you would.

I loved the BD clip so that I just had to write a separate little section for it.  So sit back and enjoy.  Cuz if you’re here you’re clearly playing for my team.  The insane team.

We start with some Volturi hottie walking down the corridors of the Italian vampires’ compound with an envelope for Aro.  He is the first in the chain of people that follow who we see open the most anticipated wedding invitation since Will and Kate’s: the Cullen/Swan wedding invitation.

Last person we see check it out is Jacob who’s reaction to the news is to run out to the forest and take off his shirt in mid-run.  Naturally.  I’d take off my shirt too, it’s a perfectly natural reaction to the news.

Side note on one of the peeps opening their invitation: I do declare they re-cast Bella’s mom!

Then we get the much awaited glimpse of the wedding ceremony.  And if you don’t blink, and rewind it 2 or 3 times, you’ll notice Steph on the left.  If you need me to tell you who “Steph” is, get off my page, right now.

All the guests are dressed in hues of blues, lavenders and greys, which I love!

There are flowers hanging atop, just as it reads in the book.  Well hallelujah, they got one right!

Edward looks scrummy but you may be distracted by the complete stranger standing in front of Carlisle with the super low cut taupish/lavenderish/greyish dress.  Hulloh?  Who did that extra have to pay off to get such a prime seat?  I lost a bit of sleep over that one, I must confess.

Bella stares lovingly into Edward’s eyes (congrats for having one dramatic scene in which you don’t bite your lip Kristen!), and looks lovely, lovely.  Well done, make up and hair team!  And look-it, there’s the famed hair comb with the sapphires! 

And then it’s off to the honeymoon and a glimpse of next year’s MTV Movie Award best kiss nominees.  But HOLD THE PHONE.  They actually gift us with some headboard breakage!  What?!?!?!  Theorectically (and factually) speaking, the moment is but 1.5 seconds long (I counted and it was like, “One Mississippi, Two Mississ…over), so rewinding it 7 (sevehn) times is recommended.

But alas, if you’re going to break the headboard (spoiler alert), you must be prepared to carry the blood thirsty spawn of your vampire baby daddy. 

This sneek peek was siriusly Twi-rific!

One thought on “Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Review of the Trailer…really)

  1. very thorough 🙂 i do believe the chick on the right in the greyish/taupish/purplish dress is one of friends of the cullens, although i cannot recall her name at the moment…and the guy on the side is her MAN friend (vampire, of course)…cause dey ‘ave de yellow eyesh

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