Top Ten Tuesday: Why We Love Being Bookish

by Tee

The subject of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, as hosted by The Broke and Bookish, is: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being Bookish.

1.  Um, the books.

2.  Falling in love with best friends and swoony characters over and over again-  Michael Moscovitz, Jonah Griggs, Adam, are as perfectly crushworthy now as they were the first time I read their stories.  And I want girls like Frankie Landau Banks and Mia Thermopolis to be my best friends.  It’s the reason we started this site: to talk about books, yes, but also to talk about the characters who’ve left an impression on us (hence The Boyfriend Lists and Girlfriend Lists).

3. Passing along a great read- As previously discussed, I’m quite the book pusher (and somewhat of a stalker.  Just a warning if you run into me at the library or local bookstore), so the opportunity to tell people about amazing books is an awesome experience for me.  Think of it this way: by reading our blog, you’re helping me to not follow perfect strangers up and down the book aisle at Target.  Ok, not really. I totally still do that too.

4.  Discussions with other book nerds  bookish people-  It’s great to talk about books I love but to actually engage in a conversation, be it via posts or Twitter or Facebook or comments here, talking with other people who love books—especially YA—is a fantastic experience.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  No joke.  I’m dorky that way.

5.  Discovering other blogs and bookish people-  Though we’re relatively new to it, the blogging community is a pretty cool place.  I love finding a new blog to love, reading their perspective on things, participating in events they host and more than anything, discovering great books I might have skipped over had it not been for their recommendation (and bloggers have saved me from wasting my time on a few duds as well).

6.  Reliving Moments- All reading transports us.  In most cases, that’s a good experience, even if the situations we’re reading about aren’t ideal (Hunger Games arena, I’m talking to you). So often when I’m reading, especially with YA, I’m taken back to moments in my own life; some are completely cringe-inducing, some are sweet “ahh” moments and others may be painful.  Recalling those instances from the safe haven of experience and maturity is a comforting experience.  First, because we know others have been through the good and bad things we have and second, because we’ve survived it (even the embarrassing hairstyles!).  This resonates with me particularly in term of stories about young love because I married my high school sweetheart.  Our beginnings were much like the stories I read about and they never fail to make me smile.

7.  “Experiencing” Things I’ve Never Done- On the other hand, I’ve lived a pretty simple, sheltered life. For that, I’m exceptionally grateful, but reading about the hardships of others, about the darks paths some take, is incredibly eye-opening.  And further, learning about things that aren’t necessarily bad or even real, but different from my own life (like boarding school or like becoming a wizard) is fun.

8.  New Places- Guys, I’ve done some traveling, but not much.  And admittedly, I live in Southern California, one of the coolest places ever,  but reading makes me feel a tiny bit like I’ve traveled to some awesome cities and countries (real ones and imaginary ones).  Further, it makes me want to visit them in me actual waking life (hello Paris).

9.  New Authors- I’ve always liked to discover new books, but now, as we have the opportunity to read books via advance copies, we get early buzz on authors who are on the verge releasing their first book.  In truth, I still learn the most about authors from other bloggers or from authors themselves recommending the books of their counterparts.  The book community is a pretty warm and friendly place because, in the end, whether you’re a blogger, an author or a publisher we’re all readers and fans of great writing.

10.  Writing- I make no claims to be a great writer, but reading inspires me to put my own ideas on paper.  It’s both fulfilling and frustrating, but somehow still enjoyable.  And blogging gives us the opportunity to write, to let our humor come through in our posts and to blab about something that we believe in passionately (ie: Michael Moscovitz’s awesomeness).

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