Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Websites

by Tee

This Tuesday our topic is Top Ten Bookish Websites (other than book blogs, which are OBVIOUSLY the best).  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

1. YA Highway– If you have not checked this site out, do it now for the love of everything holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s targeted at those who love YA, specifically those who love to write it and/or those who want to know what’s happening in the publishing world. There are also great book reviews and author interviews.  Love. This. Site.

2. Goodreads– Yeah, I know. Totally predictable. But come on, it’s a great site! The funny thing is, I use it to keep track of what I’ve read and to determine whether or not I should bother reading certain books, but I never post any reviews on there.  Weird! Still, it’s a great, useful site.

3. Amazon and Barnes & Noble– Because how can I read books without buying some?  I’m very partial to Barnes and Noble over other bookstores, but I love Amazon as well.  I like to check out the Editor’s Top Ten lists and read the books they’ve rated the best (I’ve discovered some great books that way).

4. My Library– Actually I’m lucky enough to have two fantastic libraries near my home.  Though nothing replaces the feeling of walking inside, smelling the scent of books and talking to real live people, the convenience of being able to look up books, place holds and renewals online is pretty much a godsend.

5. Authors– I love a few individual author blogs, but the ones I frequent the most are Nathan Bransford (for those who don’t know him, he’s a new children’s author who used to be a literary agent and always has great information about writing and publishing), Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen.

6. Net Galley– Free access to e-galley books, many that have not yet been released? AND I’m supposed to review them?   That was a no-brainer.

7.  The Contemps– This is a site run by YA authors for the purpose of promoting YA How cool is that?  I love this site (and incidentally, may of the ladies who run YA Highway are a part of this site which may explain its sheer volume of awesomeness).

8. Got YA?– This is another site run by published and unpublished YA authors.  They talk about writing and reading YA.  I love reading about the process of taking a book from concept to publication.  Plus everyone on this site and the previous ones mentioned are huge, gigantic YA fans (of course).

9. The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog– I’m pretty new to this site, but it’s already a favorite.  They have great information about the book world in general (though not YA specific).

10. Hot Guys Reading Books– This one is just totally funny.  Random people send in pics of guys reading. Sometimes the stories behind the pictures are funny (like when people try to inconspicuously snap pictures of total strangers).  Usually it’s husbands and boyfriends up there (my hubs won’t let me post him! Sad face!).  There really is something hot about smart guys (hello Michael Moscovitz) and everyone knows that smart guys like to read!

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