In Which We Mourn the End of Harry Potter

by Tee

So there we were on Friday night, all psyched to see The Deathly Hallows P2.  We had our ice cream (Vee), Junior Mints (Tee) and hubbies in tow and were prepared to eat up the environment (i.e.  all the crazies who get dressed up in capes and have wand fights in line).

But we only found two.

Um, yeah. That's us. And no, Tee (in the Muggle shirt) is not actually drunk in this picture.

So we were expecting hordes of awesomely nerdy people, but really there was only us.  Oh there were a couple of people in Gryffindor scarves and there was a guy who stood in front of the crowd and sang a song he wrote about Harry Potter (the video didn’t come out but the song was cool) but otherwise all the really nerdtastic people either A) saw the flick at midnight on Thursday or B) Tried their best to fit in with the normal folks.

Like these people:

See? No one in their wizarding best dueling it out in the background, just me and Vee (grey shirt).

Needless to say, we loved the freaking pants of this movie, crying like little babies and fist pumping in all the right parts (You go Neville Effing Longbottom!!!!!). And then it seemed we were crying like little babies again because it’s just so sad.  Not the movie of course, which is awesome, but the whole Harry Potter thing. I mean, it’s over. No more books. No more movies. Just…no more.  It’s kind of a downer really.

I’m looking forward to The Hunger Games movie and yes, even Breaking Dawn Part 1, but there is nothing like the Harry Potter movies.  So now we have this kind of let-down feeling because it seems like there’s nothing really cool to look forward to (as far as books to films are concerned) now that Harry is all grown up and married to an awesome girl who happened to have really big hair (just sayin).  It’s sort how I feel when I read a really amazing book and have withdrawals afterward because I just don’t want it to end. Ever.


7 thoughts on “In Which We Mourn the End of Harry Potter

  1. it was pretty awesome & i do intend to go see it again before it’s out of theaters…and i did think that ginny had “mom hair” like i told my friend shannon. my only complaint is that i couldn’t talk more during the movie, which apparently some people frown upon. huh. i did get a little teary eyed, but i cannot remember which part…loved it. will miss it. now i have to go buy a blu-ray player to watch all the good extras on the dvds.

    • I’m totally getting a HP tattoo so there are plenty of us on the crazy train with you!!! I’m sad too, I cried at the movie and I get a little upset when I see the commercials 😦


  2. I am looking forward to buying whatever special edition BluRay discs of all the movies in an awesomely packaged package they want to sell me through Amazon. It’ll probably include a real life replica of the snitch that “opens at the close” or some other equally nerdastic (awesome word Tee!) bonus. I’ll gladly pay whatever for it. Oh, and also, now I can buy the complete “Scene It HP”. I’ve never bought one of those for myself before (I have some as gifts for other stuff), but this might just be when I cross over to dah craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayzay!!!!!!!! (Because thus far I had clearly remained on the sane side of the tracks,right?)

  3. God, I know what you mean. I grew up with Harry Potter, and I ended up balling by the end of the movie. By far my favorite, though, out of the whole Harry Potter movie series. I cried, laughed, fist-pumped (we were probably sitting in the same row, maybe you saw me?), and balled once it was all over. I don’t think I was as excited about or enjoyed a movie as much as I did this one. If this HP movie doesn’t beat out Twilight come the awards, then the world has gone seriously awry somewhere.

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