Top Ten Tuesday: Movie Characters We Wish Were in Books

by Tee

For today’s Top Ten Tuesday, the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish left the subject matter completely up to the individual blogger.  Pretty awesome, right?  There are so many things we wanted to write about.  In fact, we started so many lists: Top Ten Classics, Top Ten Couples, Top Ten Kisses, Top Ten Best Book to Film Adaptations (that one was kind of short), Top Ten Good Guys/Rebels, Top Ten Things We’ll Do When We Take Over The World…I mean it was sort of overwhelming.  So I sat on the sofa watching ten minutes of a chick flick when it hit me.  Jude Law is mothercussing adorable in that movie The Holiday.  I mean, I wonder how sweet that character would have been as a high school boy.  I mean the accent, hello!  And hence,  a new list was formed.  So rest assured, we still plan to publish our other lists at some point in the future, but it seems as though we’re always talking about how movies screw up the characters and stories we love.  Let’s talk about some characters that aren’t from books (to my knowledge) but might have made great characters in their teenage forms:

1. Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles– Was there really any question there?  I mean he’s Jake; sensitive, cute, rescuer of Sam’s underwear—what’s not to love?

2. Lloyd Dobbler, Say Anything– I love this character.  I know he turns kind of stalkerish with the whole iconic boombox in the air thing that he does, but he is so awkwardly cool and sweet.  And the most attractive thing ever (other than being played by John Cusack)?  How he loves Diane.

3. Captain Von Trapp, The Sound of Music– Now, hear me out here. I realize he’s based on a real guy.  I know some of the story is true,  but did the real guy give off the stern but loving, sexy, I’m-totally-into-my-nanny-in-a-not-creepy way vibe?  I think not.  Only Christopher Plummer can do that.

4. Jack Sparrow, The Pirates of the Caribbean– Pretty much anything Johnny Depp does is golden, but this character is especially funny in his fumbling, hedonistic way.  A modern-day version of him in a high school setting would definitely send many girls into a good swoon. He’d be the perfect bad boy—one with a heart hidden under all the antics.

5. Jonathan & Sara, Serendipity– Were you wondering where all the girls on my list are?  There are only a few, sorry.  I love this story and I couldn’t choose between the two of them.  Sara is such a hopeless romantic, setting their story in motion when she separates the two of them and writes her name in Love in the Time of Cholera (sigh. I love that book) and taking it to a used book store.  And John is so sweet in his need to find her, holding that last shred of hope even years later.

6. Danny Zuko, Grease– I think Danny Zuko (from the film version) was my very first movie crush. I distinctly remember that scene where he turns to the camera and looks over his shoulder, cigarette popping out of his mouth, and smiles that I was like…whoa (I was little.  That was the extent of my swooning).  I love his character because deep down, he’s a nice boy trapped in the body and situation of a bad boy.  He has insecurities to over come, but deep down he’s a good guy. And in the end, that’s what everyone wants, right?

7. Olive, Easy A– I pretty much loved every person in this movie, especially Olive and her entire family.  I loved that Olive had a heart that was so giving and brave.  She pretty much gave the finger to the expectations of those around her and even reveled in their misconceptions.  Plus I loved her sarcasm.

8. Graham, The Holiday– I’ve said it before. The accent.  He could say pretty much anything and sound charming. Nevermind the fact that pretty much everything he says in this film is actually charming.  He loves his sister and his children and is looking to escape the loneliness of being a widower.  And he’s a self-described weepah (weeper. I was trying, unsuccessfully, to do that accent.  It’s just not the same. It’s at about 3:01 on the above video).  I love when guys are sensitive like that.  I mean, don’t tell him I told you, but my husband may cry at more movies and television shows than me.  And I love it.

9. Sally, When Harry Met Sally– I know she’s a little uptight, but her kind of neurotic ways are so adorably endearing.  I want the teenage version of Sally to be my best friend.

10.  Everyone, Love Actually– There are truly too many stories in this film to choose one character I love more. From the guy in love with his best friend’s wife (and just wants her to know), to the step dad who helps his son tell his first love how he feels about her, to any scene with Colin Firth, I love this movie from start to finish.  I think the ideas about love—romantic love, familial love and the kind between good friends—are something we can all relate to.  I’d love to see a book with YA characters (obviously dealing with different issues) and how they all connected with different bonds of love, would be awesome.

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Movie Characters We Wish Were in Books

  1. i just glanced over the list & i have to say you nailed it right on the head. LOVE lloyd dobbler & that scene is EPIC! and love actually is one of my all-time favorite movies…if I were to add to this brilliance, i would say that I wish Notting Hill was a book, because that one IS my favorite movie…anything with Hugh Grant, really. sigh.

  2. Well this Top Ten is badass. I love it. Esp. Captain Von Trap, agreed. What a smooth talker he would have been , I’m sure.

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    Lacey @ Owl Love You Books

  3. Lloyd Dobbler’s reply to Diane’s dad in the dinner scene when he’s asked what he wants to do with his life is one of the *best* bits of monologue in a film. I still quote it sometimes when I get fed up with people who need solid plans 🙂 Great list!

    • I hate it when I see him in interviews because he’s kind of a crankypants and I want to be all…dude, you’re supposed to be adorable. Stop. Please. I even love him (and hate him) as Daniel Cleaver in the Bridget Jones movie (because I will only acknowledge one of them as the second sucked).

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