Top Ten Tuesday: Sequels I’m Dying to Read

by Tee

I love the topic of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  It’s Top Ten Sequels I’m Dying to Read.  I mean, it’s just so hard to wait.  This is why I prefer to read a series once it’s all released (which is what I did in the case of Harry Potter and let me tell you, my husband and my mental health thank me for that because I would have obsessed over every single detail until I ended up divorced or in a straight jacket if I’d waited a year for each installment).  In a perfect world, this would happen with all books, but alas it does not and so I spend my time on blogs and chat rooms looking for endless tidbits to discuss about what could happen next to my favorite characters.  And worse, sometimes the authors throw me a teaser and it only seems to magnify my intense need to get that sequel.  So here are the books I’m totally spazzing about:

1. The Next Mortal Instruments book by Cassandra Clare- I say it this way because, as stated last week, I have purposely avoided reading City of Fallen Angels, so that I might hold onto my last shred of sanity for a little while longer while waiting for City of Lost Souls which doesn’t come out until May.  And even then, it’s not over, which makes me both happy (because I love this series) and sad (because hate waiting).

2. Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth–  I loved Divergent and I cannot imagine how much more intense this sequel will be.  As far as I know, we have a pretty long wait though because according to Roth’s website it’s not due until Spring or Summer of 2012.  Guess I’ll have to read Divergent again to get my fix of Tris and Four until then.

3. Underworld (Abandon #2) by Meg Cabot- Oh ladies, I loved Peirce and John.  I thought this was such a great book, retelling of the myth of Persephone  in Meg’s signature style.  The sequel comes out in Spring of 2012!

4. Goddess Interrupted (The Goddess Test #2) by Aimee Carter- Speaking of the myth of Persephone, we’re due to hear more from Kate and her hottypants husband Henry!  Vee and I absolutely adored the first book. The sequel comes out in April of 2012.  Sigh.  It’s really too far away.

5. Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale- Guys ,I love the pants off of Austenland.  I can barely stand to wait for the film, which I wholeheartedly hope will make my heart get all pitter- pattery the way the book did.  Until then, we can enjoy another visit to Pemberly Park.

6. Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare- The first book in this series, Clockwork Angel was so, so good.  I made the dastardly mistake of reading it right after it came out (I know!) and I have been waiting and waiting to see what the heck Will is hiding. And will there be any kissing?  I mean, these are important questions and things I think my husband has grown weary of discussing with me at length, considering he has no idea who Will or Jem or Tessa are (Seriously, what’s wrong with him?). As with all things Cassandra Clare, I expect that the sequel will be equally good, if not better.

7. A Million Suns ( Across the Universe #2) by Beth Revis- Oh, the first book in this series was so awesomely creepy and suspenseful.  I am dying to see what life holds for Amy, Elder and the occupants of Godspeed.  I’m sure it will be cringe-inducing, but in the best way possible.

8. Hallowed (Unearthly #2) by Cynthia Hand- I’ve not had a chance to review Unearthly yet, but let me assure that it is excellent.  Like, I want to do that Italian thing where I kiss my fingers and look at the book and say “Bellisima!”  But I’m kinda weird that way. Anyhoo, I can’t wait for the sequel to this story about Clara, who is part guardian angel, part normal girl!

9. Pandemonium (Delirium #2) by Lauren Oliver- It’s no secret that I cried my little eyes out while reading DeliriumOliver’s writing is beautiful and completely captivating and I am dying to see what life is like for Lena now that she is in the Wilds. Plus…SPOILER ALERT (kind of)… I just have to believe that a certain someone is still alive and that she’ll see this person again.  SHE HAS TO!!! HAS. TO!

10. Shine (Shade #3) by Jeri Smith-Ready- I thought Shade was such a fantastic, excellent twist in the paranormal genre (a genre I’m generally not a huge fan of).  With the sequel, Shift (review coming soon), Smith-Ready brought the intensity to a whole new level.  Now I am so caught up in the story of Aura, Logan and Zach (oh Zach with your rolling rrrrr’s and kilt. Sometimes I think about adding you to my list.).  This third and final book can’t come soon enough.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Sequels I’m Dying to Read

  1. 1, 2, 6, 8, 9… So many books I am waiting on with you. And Unearthly! Oh, Unearthly! “Bellisimo” indeed.

    I like your strategy to wait on reading City of Fallen Angels… I kind of wish I had. Serious cliff hanger. I think I punched the book in the face, then picked it up and cradled it tenderly because I loved it regardless.

    Feel free to come by and check out my Top Ten List as well!

  2. I literally want every single book in your list!! Although, some of the books I yet to read the first one in the series. I usually prefer to read a whole series once they have come out.

    Check out my TTT and my current Giveaway

    Looking forwards to hearing back from you,

  3. Awww but the anticipation and built up between each Harry Potter book was half the fun! Waiting release morning for the postman (royal mail always hired extra bodies/vans that morning) so your HP book was delivered first thing and then sitting all day and reading… wonderful times 😀

    My Top Tenthis week

    • I absolutely agree with you; half the fun is the waiting. Sure, it’s hard, but the feeling when you finally get to read the next book in the series… It’s almost like christmas!

    • Amy, I probably would have lost my mind waiting for the HPs, BUT I do feel like I missed out on some of the very cool hype. Perhaps if I’d had the cool blogging community then at least i would have had people to obsess with! 🙂

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