Prom and Prejudice

Prom & Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg

After winter break, the girls at the very prestigious Longbourn Academy become obsessed with the prom. Lizzie Bennet, who attends Longbourn on a scholarship, isn’t interested in designer dresses and expensive shoes, but her best friend, Jane, might be — especially now that Charles Bingley is back from a semester in London.

Lizzie is happy about her friend’s burgeoning romance but less than impressed by Charles’s friend, Will Darcy, who’s snobby and pretentious. Darcy doesn’t seem to like Lizzie either, but she assumes it’s because her family doesn’t have money. Clearly, Will Darcy is a pompous jerk — so why does Lizzie find herself drawn to him anyway?

Will Lizzie’s pride and Will’s prejudice keep them apart? Or are they a prom couple in the making? (Goodreads)

I mean really?  Do you think there is any possible way I could NOT have loved this book?  And I mean luuuuurved it(a la Bridget Jones in a drunken stupor), clapped, said “yea!” and randomly blew kisses at it as if it could somehow reciprocate my affections.  Consider the fact that we have two majorly awesome things here: Jane Austen-y stuff and Prom coming together. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

The Story: Lizzie attends the  fancypants, uber-snooty Longburn Academy (Longburn! Isn’t that cute? I gave virtual high fives to Eulberg for the many times she found creative ways to pay homage to P&P deets).  Lizzie isn’t particularly popular as she’s one of the few scholarship kids (you have to say it like it’s a disease. Oh, scholarship student.  You were born with the poor gene). This term is tossed about as if Lizzie’s middle class family raised her in a hippie commune on the outskirts of society instead of in regular old, nice, normal Hoboken, New Jersey.

Lizzie’s closest friend, Jane, is one of the very few at Longburn who are seemingly unfazed by extreme wealth and designer clothes.  She is a true friend on every count and she constantly invites Lizzie to every outing, trying to introduce her around and help her feel more welcome.  Jane’s biggest crush, Charles Bingley, is similarly kind, but his snobbish (and of course, hot) best friend, Will Darcy unfortunately comes as a part of the package.

With every girl at Longburn vying for the attention of the boys of the equally pretentious Pemberly Academy (high-five!), eager to secure a prom date—prom being THE social event of the year—Will seems to want to steer clear of most girls.  He finds great delight in prodding Lizzie and while they aren’t exactly friends, they do cross paths quite often.

Lizzie can’t stand Will, especially after she hears terrible rumors about him from her new friend and former Pemberly student, George Wickham.  For some reason (hmmm. What could it be?) Darcy  seems totally drawn to Lizzie, and she to him.  It sort of infuriates her because she feels he looks down on her.  Of course, not all is as it seems for these two and though we may know the basic outcome, it’s their journey that is so sweet.

My Take:

I have a new word for this book: Cutearrific.  So, yeah, that’s not really a word. Cuteness?  Cuteable?  The Cutsiest? I really, really enjoyed it.  Yes, it was almost guaranteed since I love P&P, but honestly I’ve read many a retelling of the amazing Miss Jane and only a few have truly been memorable. This would be one.

The story obviously takes it down a notch—the stakes aren’t so high, the ending isn’t about marriage and fortune, but about a chance at love and romance—but the underlying theme of pride and misconception still rings true.  Lizzie is a strong-willed and passionate girl and Will is totally charming (and far less stuffy than the real Darcy).  Eulberg’s writing is fun and takes the most important elements of the story and twists it into a modern tale.  I think she needs to do this with all Austen novels!

Crush Intensity: 4.5/5 Loved it!


7 thoughts on “Prom and Prejudice

  1. i read this and really liked it…but then i will read anything that has anything to do with pride & prejudice (“mr. darcy, vampyre” anyone?). very cute book.

  2. Give me! Now! Seriously.

    It’s so awesome to go from “I’ve never heard of this book” to instant craving in no time at all. Or the time it takes to read a wonderful and inspiring review. I really need to read this book! Everything about it makes me smile.

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