Fangirl Friday 2

by Tee

Fangirl Friday is hosted by the awesomeness that is Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.  Here’s what we’re freaking out about this week.

1.  Christmas!!!!!- I mean, Thanksgiving is over. It’s safe to talk about it now, right?  And I have to admit, you’ll be seeing this a lot on Fangirl Friday. I love me some Christmas.

2. Getting our Tree- Wha??? I know. I just mentioned Christmas. But getting our tree and Christmas are actually two different things.  Getting the tree means making a huge pine needle/cobweb/dust mess in our house as we drag in a ginormous tree and lug in bins of decorations (and before you ask, no,we do not decorate our tree with busts of dead celebrities like Mia and her mom do in The Princess Diaries books).  What’s really fun is watching my kids put all the ornaments on the lowest branches in large jumbles and then redecorating the tree once they’ve gone to bed.  I’m not being sarcastic. I really love that because they never notice that it looks totally different the next day.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2- Obviously, I saw this in the theater opening day BUT I haven’t watched it once since it came out on Blu Ray.  What’s wrong with me?  Mostly it’s because anytime I sit still for too long I fall asleep (unless I’m reading, of course).  I will be watching this film this weekend.  I have to.

4. American Horror Story- Do you guys watch that crazy business… because if not, let me tell you, it is a shizzstorm of insanity. And it’s scary.  And I sometimes hide my face behind a pillow.  But this week they are revealing the identity of Rubberman.  To those of you who have not watched the show, it sounds like I’m talking about some weird S&M looking guy right? And to you I say, you are correct.  Of course I haven’t watched the episode yet. It’s just sitting on my DVR, waiting to scare the pants off me.

5. Jay- Thanks to my friend Dixie at Gone Pecan, I’ve been introduced to the crushworthiness of Jay from The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting.  This book was awesome (review coming, I promise) but for me, Jay was the star of the show (even though he totally isn’t the MC).  The sequel, Desires of the Dead is calling to me now, as it sits on my bedside table waiting for me to finish the books ahead of it in line.

10 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday 2

  1. Love this all, specially Potter and Jay; and I can’t wait to finally see AHS, which everyone swears is the best new show on TV. Happy Thanksgiving weekend. My sister read and loved Prom & Prejudice, and I loved Ten Things We Did… Have two others you recommended ready to read too. You should read Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

    • I’ve been holding out on reading a few books, Daughter of Smoke and Bone included, because I promised to leave a few books for my husband or family to buy me for Christmas. I always rush out and read everything or buy it for myself! It’s so hard to wait though.

  2. Thanks for the thanks, but as you know, it’s what we do. I wish I would have started watching AHS when it started…I wonder where I can watch them from the beginning. And of course, HP. I was at best buy last night and they played it, but I had to leave because i got sick and it wasn’t the best stage for it, but my friend bought me the dvd for $6.99, so I have that going for me. Great list!

  3. A Deathly Hallows weekend sounds like The Best Idea EVER! i’d really like to marathon it up and watch all 8 movies but even though i’ve got a few days off work i don’t think i’d be able to manage it. Cos a girl’s gotta read too, you know?
    Great list btw. 😉

    • Whenever they have those HP marathons on ABC Family, I’m like totally glued to the screen. I try to turn them off in front of my kids because they haven’t read the books yet (older one refuses to, which makes me sad and the younger one is too little still). I don’t want the movies to spoil anything for them. They’ve only seen the first (b/c I was hoping to draw them in with it. Thus far, it hasn’t worked). Anyway, it’s so hard to turn them off, even though I know what’s going to happen. Even the movies are SO good!

  4. I’ve only ever had a live tree once in my whole life. They’re a lot less common in Australia… heat, I guess? Whenever I think live trees, I think Griswald’s Family Christmas 😀

    Harry Potter! YESSS! I’m hoping someone’s going to give me Deathly Hallows part the first and second for Christmas. If hubby doesn’t oblige I may just cry 😀

    • Christmas isn’t the same without a viewing of Christmas Vacation! I always make fun of my husband when he’s putting the kids toys together b/c he resembles Clark when he’s cursing and kicking the bushes and fake Santa when his lights won’t go on! Love that movie.

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