At Least I Don’t Own a Wand, OK?

Did you guys happen to see Saturday Night Live this weekend?  I didn’t. No way. It was totally past my bedtime. My husband claims that I snored through the opening monologue, which I totally refute (although if  I did it was only because I was really, really tired after spending a whole day at Universal Studios with my Girl Scout troop. But I don’t snore. Nope).

Anyhoo, Daniel Radcliffe was the host and for those of us who missed, you have to see this video:



Whatever with the fact that they’re kids books. I still love them!  🙂

Happy Monday Everyone!

12 thoughts on “At Least I Don’t Own a Wand, OK?

  1. I watched the whole thing; I loved the Hogwarts bit as well as the fake interview with Jay Pharoah, who is sadly underused except for his impressions. And I guess Dan fangirls will enjoy the Target sketch, since he rips his shirt off. lol.

    • No way. I totally have wand envy! My husband made me watch this clip the next morning specifically because I made a big stink about not having a wand to take to the premiere of The Deathly Hallows Part 2. 🙂

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