Fangirl Friday- January 20

Fangirl Friday is a feature hosted by the one and only Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.  It’s where we basically get to blab about the latest thing we’re spazzing over. This is a good thing because I spazz alot.

1. A Million Suns by Beth Revis– Oh it’s here. It’s sitting my hot little hands (actually, my hands are always ice-cold, but you get the idea).  And the cover is so beautiful.  Unfortunately, I have a mega ton of books I must read first. This is good, of course, but bad, because I loved Across the Universe and all its crazy weirdness. I’m totally dying to see what happens in the sequel.

2. Alright, those of you who are friends with me on Facebook already know this but my husband really likes Lionel Richie. I know. I know. Don’t judge. And for Christmas I got him Lionel Richie: The Definitive Collection (on CD ’cause that’s how we roll. We like actual cover art and stuff).  Since then, my husband has walked around singing “Hello” pretty much constantly.  If it weren’t so hilarious it would be annoying.  So, imagine how hard he and I laughed when we saw this video:

3. I’m in a book club and we had our very first meeting this week.  I haven’t been in a book club in at least eight years so this is big for me, mostly because unless I’m going on a date with my husband or doing something family oriented, I pretty much never leave the house. I mean, sure I volunteer at the school and I go to Target and the library, but I never hang out with other adults. Especially ones who like books.  Also, our first book was The Hunger Games, which I had to re-read and I think you all know how I feel about that.


4. Because of said book club, I was digging through my closet and was reminded of this piece of awesome that my husband so lovingly had made for me at Christmas (or, he lovingly ordered it. The person who actually made it probably doesn’t love me).

How cute is that?

I think that’s all for now.  Apparently I’m so psyched about all this jazz that I just don’t have room to spazz about anything else.

Happy Friday everyone!

9 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday- January 20

  1. Ok – that video was too funny!! You know I love me some Lionel, so I’m right there with your hubby on that! BTW – just finished reading The Hunger Games (for the first time). Loved it!!! Can’t wait to see the movie with you and E, and Bri (I’ll have to buy him the cliff notes though because I know he’ll never get around to reading the book) when it comes out. 🙂 Happy Friday girlie!!!

    • You and my husband and your awesomely bad love of Lionel Richie! What am I going to do with you guys? 🙂 I’m SO glad you liked The Hunger Games. I have the sequels in book form if you want them. I can’t wait to see it with you!

  2. That video is hilarious!
    Also, you totally reminded me that i need to read Across the Universe. i’ve had it on my bookshelf for about 2 weeks but i’ve got so many awesome books in front of it i haven’t been able to read it yet. There are just too many good YA books out right now.

  3. The first meeting of my book club is this week and we’re discussing The Hunger Games! We’re a group of friends so it will be interesting to see how animated we get. 🙂

    • Those are the best people to talk about books with. When I can’t get together with my girlfriends, we have epic book convos on the phone between carting the kids around. Sometimes, I just can’t wait for that time so my friends get weird texts and e-mails too (where I/we gush about books). Have fun at your meeting!

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