Fangirl Five- March 16

Alright people, it’s Friday. In our house this means that we come home, put on our pjs and watch a family movie (tonight, I fear, it’s Disney’s Radio Rebel as it is my ten year-old’s turn to choose).  Friday also means Fangirl Five, hosted by the one and only Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl. 

These are the things I’m feeling psyched about this week:

1. Madmen on the cover of EW- What can I say except HOLLA!

2. The Vampire Diaries is back, baby- I haven’t watched it yet you know (we don’t watch these things around the husband unless we wish to do it amid eye rolls,  smirking and the occasional snort), but I know it’ll be good.

3. The Hunger Games- um, you knew I was going to mention it, right?

ONE FREAKING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to plan my outfit.

4. My TBR List- You guys, my To Be Read list is GINORMOUS.  This is a good and bad thing. Obviously it’s bad that I need sleep because I have a lot of reading to do (Froi of the Exiles, Loss,  The Middle Place, A Million Suns and a couple of others are waiting to be read at this very moment),  but then because of the awesome blogging community out there, my list continues to grow. Outside of the books I’ve never gotten around to reading (hello, Little Women, Enders Game) and all of the ones coming out this Spring that I’m dying for, there are books I’m going to read because people keep saying how great they are (Cinder, Tempest, Under the Never Sky, Endurance).  This makes me feel happy and excited (and overwhelmed because they all tend to come into the library at the same time).

5.  Girl Scouts- This week was the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts.  I have two girl scouts troops (which could not be accomplished without the total awesomeness of my two co-leaders).  Although at times it’s a ton of work, it is such a fun, rewarding experience.  This organization has made such a difference in the lives of my girls, as well as in my own life.  And yes, it has led to me eating double the amount of Thin Mints that I ever normally would, but I consider this a win/win.  Also, it’s fun to see how much some of my girls have grown. At a recent meeting, two of them left with copies of my books (The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, with their parent’s permission thankyouverymuch).  I even push books on them!

Happy Birthday to Girl Scouts and Happy Friday to Everyone!

4 thoughts on “Fangirl Five- March 16

    • I had to reread it for my book club in January and of course, I knew it was excellent, but I didn’t expect to be totally into it and on the edge of my seat (since I know the whole story). But I totally was. It had been two years since I’d picked it up and it felt like I was reading it for the first time. So freaking good!

  1. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!!!!! i just hope that the movie will turn out as awesome as the books.
    P.S. how many ladies do you think will be rockin a braid Friday? 🙂

    • You read my mind. I was trying to do that braid the other night and then the weird look on my husband’s face brought me back to reality.

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