Fangirl Five- March 23

Fangirl Five is hosted by Evil Eva over at Nancy Drew is my Homegirl.

This will simultaneously be the most boring Fangirl Five I’ve done because you know I’m going to talk about The Hunger Games movie and at the same time it is going to be the most spazzworthy Fangirl Five I’ve ever done because

OMG, you guys, THE HUNGER

GAMES movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s really no point in talking about anything else. I mean, sure I’m excited about Mad Men (Oh Don, you naughty man, it’s been way too long). And yes, I am super-psyched about the awesome Alaric-is-a-crazypants storyline going down on The Vampire Diaries.  I’m totally excited that Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman is waiting for me at the library ( it’s a P&P retelling, so clearly I’ll love it) and that I just bought this really cute pillow.

But really, is there anything more exciting than knowing that The Hunger Games movie is coming out today? That some of you big cheaters already saw it last night (sorry, I’m just way jealous because there’s no way I could watch a movie that late and enjoy it. I’m too old).  AND that it has crazy good buzz?

I think not. And yeah, I’m a serious nerd, but whatevs.  Me and all the other nerds (I’m assuming you too) will be there on the edge of our seats getting excited, over-analyzing it and eating up the awesomeness of Cinna and his gold eyeliner.

There’s really only one word I can say to that:


11 thoughts on “Fangirl Five- March 23

  1. I am beyond psyched to see the movie!!!!!!! I am going Saturday to see it. I wish I had a team Peeta shirt to wear. I will have to work on that. We will have to discuss the movie next week.

    • I want a Gale shirt (love him), but I’d feel bad for Peeta because I love him too. It’s so hard to know which fictional character to crush on! Anyhoo, I’m going to be wearing my “May the Odds Be Ever in You Favor” shirt that the hubs got me for Christmas. We’re going tonight (you know, now that he’s a fan and all). We will totally discuss next week!

  2. Ok, I want a Hunger Games shirt to wear when I go see it! However, I think my sister might ban me from going if I wear that (she is so not fun) so I may just have to stick with something a little slyer… such as the rockin gold eyeliner I’m sporting today! I cannot, CANNOT wait to go see this movie!!!! We will have to dish when we’ve seen it! 🙂

    • I would look like an idiot with gold eyeliner. I tried the braid (yes, I’m a ginormous goofhead) and the husband gave me a weird look, so I scrapped that idea.

  3. i. Can’t. Wait!!!!!!! i’ve already heard that the movie is totally amaze balls and that even if you haven’t read the book (uh, shame on you!) that you can still follow and totally enjoy the movie. That’s quite a feat to pull off, i think.
    Oh, and did i mention I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! 🙂

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