Fangirl Five- March 30

Fangirl Five is hosted by Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.

Here’s what I’m stoked about this week:

1. This piece of awesome sent to me by Dixie @ Gone Pecan

I can’t help it. I love this picture. I mean it’s Peeta and Cinna.  And more important, it’s Lenny.

2. The CW Pilot for Selection- I have no clue when this show will be on. I haven’t even read the book yet (I can’t wait to), but I am already crazypants in love with the casting.  Ethan Peck (as in Gregory Peck, as in Atticus Finch and as in hey, he was totally adorbs in that short-lived TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You) is the prince.  I like this because in my opinion, princes should always be dark-haired and handsome.  It’s a rule I have. But then, holy smokes, William Moseley (as in Peter the Magnificent from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) is another love interest. And yeah, the girl, Aimee Teegarden is totally adorable too. Even better, it’s being written by the people who give us the awesome known as The Vampire Diaries.

3. The Positive Side Effects of The Hunger Games movie- We all know that the movie was great and that we’re super crazed to see what they do with Catching Fire (my favorite in the series).  It’s been interesting this week to read the tons and tons of articles buzzing about new YA book to film adaptations.  It’s like all the horrors of Twilight (or at least some of them) are being swept away because The Hunger Games is reminding people that great books can cross genre lines and reach fans of all ages and even better, when they’re turned into films and done well (cough Catherine Hardwicke, cough cough) they can be a phenomenon deserving of the all the hype and the fanfare. This is good for us fellow YA lovers! In fact, it’s awesome.

4. The trailer for Insurgent is out! Eeeeee! And USA Today has it along with a great interview with Veronica Roth. Check it.

That’s all for now.  My kiddos are on Spring Break and we are on the move (but I’m still squeezing in some good reads).

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Fangirl Five- March 30

  1. OMG, I love that picture. It’s my screensaver. I can’t get enough. Ungh. {that’s my cavewoman sound of approval}

    i really wanna read the selection, too, & i LOVE me some Ethan Peck, and William Moseley is pretty adorable, too!

    have a great spring break!!!

    • Love the cavewoman sound. I usually do an e-mail one that goes Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That can be either “OMG that’s crazy hot” or “Um, okay”. It all depends. 🙂 We’re having a nice Spring Break. My girls start week #2 (they get two weeks) and then when they go back my hubby has his (but he only gets one). Good times!

  2. I won’t even write here what I once found when researching William Moseley for a Narnia article. Let’s just say it was a teenager writing her own “50 Shades of Grey” about what she’d let him do to her… So that sort of “marred” him in some way for me, but he’s still that adorable blond counterpoint to Ethan Peck. And having just finished Friday Night Lights start to finish on Netflix, I love Aimee Teegarden!

    I’m “back” out of my Hunger Games cave (although it was just my husband kissing me, not Peeta), and I can finally get back to reading and writing fun YA stuff. Woo hoo!

    • That’s so funny you brought up Fifty Shades of Grey because last week I read an article comparing FSOG to the original fan fic, Master of the Universe (what is with that title?) and it was hilarious. It was word for word the same with the exception of the names. I don’t know how she can get away with that!

      Okay and I have a confession to make. I’ve never seen Friday Night Lights! I know I need to. I think it might be a summer show for my husband and I (he’s a teacher so we watch whole seasons of shows over the course of a couple of nights when he has vacation). Right now we’re finally doing Game of Thrones.

      I’m so glad you’re back to our world again–though I liked reading your Hunger Games stuff. 🙂

  3. Amazing list as always. i’m really looking forward to reading The Selection too. And i think the TV version sounds pretty promising. (Especially if some of TVDs peeps are on board!)
    i also can’t wait for Insurgent!!! Must go watch the trailer RIGHT NOW! 🙂

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