The Cupcake Club

The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love and Cupcakes by Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk

Kylie will never survive fourth grade in her new school without friends. And starting a cupcake club seems the perfect way to meet other girls. But getting the club up and running is not easy– especially with trouble spelled M-e-r-e-d-i-t-h trying to ruin them. In taking on the class mean girl, Kylie and her new friends may have just bitten off more than they can chew. (Barnes and Noble)

I’m super-excited about the opportunity to review this book because a) I love middle grade books, b) I love baking, especially the eating part and c) I love cupcakes!  And since I have a ten year-old daughter who is obsessed with all three things and who is quite the bookworm, I asked her to read and review this book—written by a mother-daughter duo— with me.  It makes sense, right?  Of course it does!

So please, allow me to introduce my oldest daughter,  Chloe.

Chloe’s Synopsis:

Kylie Carson dreads going to school, as the main victim of her class’s queen bee. But when her new teacher asks her to start a baking club, everything might just change. She recruits other “outsiders”, and as they grow closer together, they learn to deal with the queen bee’s hurtful words and threats, with each other to lean on and help out.

Chloe’s Thoughts:

The Cupcake Club is a cute, delightful read. The story of Kylie, her fellow club members, and their bond is very touching and sweet. This book also has a few (DELICIOUS) recipes and Carrie’s tips on baking perfect cupcakes. After all, she is a cupcake connoisseur!

Overall, Sheryl and Carrie Berk whip up a great story that is sure to be a treat for both children and adults.

(I know. OMG, isn’t my kid adorable?). Sorry, proud mom moment. 

Chloe’s Crush Intensity: 4.5/5

My Thoughts:

I thought this book was so cute.  It was light and fun, it dealt with mild mean girls in a positive way and it had a very sweet, albeit flawed, heroine.  I loved that although Kylie was a good, bright girl, she didn’t always make the right decisions and she had to learn from her mistakes.  Overall, the writing was fun, the story was fast-paced,  and it had me dreaming of baking. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chloe and I want to extend a huge thank you to Sourcebooks for sending us a copy of The Cupcake Club.  We loved it!

9 thoughts on “The Cupcake Club

  1. Great review Chloe! Makes me wanna go eat cupcakes! 🙂 I wonder if Tyler would like it? He may think it’s too girly. Looking forward to Chloe’s next review…. 🙂

  2. Chloe, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the book, and for doing so with such eloquence. Wonderful job!

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