Top Ten Tuesday- Movie Edition!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week we’re chatting it up about books we want to see turned into films.  Lately there’s been such an explosion of YA books being adapted to films (thank you Twilight for being a crappy example, and thank you Hunger Games for being pretty near perfect). Fortunately, tons of great books are currently optioned for films. Hopefully Catherine Hardwicke stays far, far away from them and the finished product will be entertaining.  The films rights have been sold on most of these choices, which means that hopefully they’ll get made into good movies someday soon.

Also, it’s a given that I want to see Catching Fire (even though I’m unhappy that Gary Ross isn’t directing it), right? Good.

1. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks– I love this book, even though it isn’t huge and blockbuster-y.  It’s fun and smart and it’s so funny.  This is the kind of movie I’d dive into again and again. No CGI, no big action sequences, just something that’s well-written and witty.  As far as I know, there aren’t any plans to make a movie here. Sad face!

2. The Mortal Instruments series– I’m so excited to see what becomes of this film.  It has the potential to be stellar.  I love the casting of Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.  This is one that can easily be HUGE if it’s done right.

This is not a real picture, sorry to say

That pic was totally photoshopped by some awesomely nerdy fan (Tee says after she spent twenty minutes searching for Mortal Instruments images. Who’s the nerd now?).

3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone– This book was so vivid in its descriptions. I’d love to see the real locations combined with the mythological characters and their world.  And I love the story.  It would be amazing to see Karou and Akiva on the big screen, blue hair and all. Universal owns the rights, so hopefully they crank out a good one here.

4. Divergent– Well, that’s a given isn’t it?  This has the potential to be ginormously amazing.  Summit owns the rights, so hopefully it’s not another Twilight. They’re doing Enders Game and Warm Bodies too, so we’ll see.

5. When You Were Mine– This book comes out TODAY, but months and months ago there was already buzz about the film rights being sold.  Initially, there were rumors about Keira Knightley possibly being attached, but according to Variety, it looks like the cast has finally been settled.  If they stick to the story it’s going to be beautiful and sweet and tragic in every way.  I’ll be there opening day.

6. Legend– I really enjoyed this book, but in truth, I think it would make an even better movie.  It has all the elements–good guys, bad guys, bad guys who think they’re good guys, murder, lies, love–to make it totally entertaining. I think the casting of this one would be key. CBS owns the rights and they guys who produced Twilight are involved. (Eeeks!)

7. The Sky is Everywhere– I refuse to discuss the fact that Selena Gomez is slated to play Lenny.  The movie in my head is quite different and if it were to be done right, with all that poetry and pain and humor and with the right actors, it would be beautiful.

NO! Dear lord, no no no. I mean, she's adorable...but no.

8. Shatter Me– This book is so cool and it has that dystopian vibe while still having this awesome superhero thing going on. I love it.  I’d be very interested to see who’d play Warner, the guy we want to kiss love to hate. 20th Century Fox owns the rights.

This is Warner in my head. You're welcome.

9. The Knife of Never Letting Go– Every time I even read this title I sigh with love and sadness.  Oh, this one is SO GOOD!  Todd! Viola!  Lionsgate owns the rights, so let’s see what they do with it.

10. Delirium– This is a beautiful book. I think it has the potential to be such a good film if they can translate the raw emotion that Lauren Oliver captured in Lena’s story.  As far as I know, Fox 2000 owns it, but I haven’t heard much more than that.

Oh, did you think I was finished?

11. Tempest– I love stories about time travel and this is a good one.  It has a love story, a hot guy, kissing, bad guys–the whole deal. Also, I really love stories told from a male POV, as this one is.  The film rights were acquired by Summit and the author, Julie Cross, picked her dream cast here.  Anyone who chooses Alaric from The Vampire Diaries, as Ms. Cross did, is good in my book.

12. Lola and The Boy Next Door– I need movies like this story.  Happiness, cuteness, love and kissing, and–be still my heart–best friends who fall in love. Le sigh!

I’ll stop there, although I could keep going.  We could be here for days!


23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Movie Edition!

  1. I put The Sky is Everywhere on my list too, but only if Selena Gomez does NOT star in it! I think she’s cute as a button, but she is not Lennie. Definitely not Lennie. You’re the second person I’ve seen who has listed The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks; I really want to read it now!

    • Oh it’s so cute Candice! I think you’d love it. It’s funny and it’s all about girl power. Also, as far as The Sky is Everywhere is concerned, Selena Gomez is my kryptonite. She’s the only thing that could make me hate that movie. I love her in Disney stuff, but she needs to stay far, far away from Lennie (and Joe. Bat, bat).

    • I think that any of her books would be like a modern-day John Hughes movie. A totally smart, funny, teen classic (that I would obviously go nutters for despite the lack of “teen” in me).

  2. I’m totally on board with a Legend movie! I really really liked that book. But the Chaos Walking series, even though it’s being penned by Kaufman, it still makes me cry a little inside. I felt the same way about THG, though, and that turned out well. I need to be more optimistic about these things.

    I *did* read Warm Bodies and I’m looking forward to that movie like nobody’s business! I’m hoping Nicholas Hoult kills that role! (Pun totally intended.)

    • I know what you’re saying. I tend to assume I’ll hate any book to film adaptation and then hopefully I’m totally pleasantly surprised! THG set the bar pretty high. I’m hoping Enders Game is good. I need to read it before the film comes out. And I haven’t read Warm Bodies yet, though I know the basic premise. Should I do it?

  3. A Chaos Walking movie makes me so nervous, but I would have to see it! I keep picking up Legend and putting it back… I think a movie might prod me into reading that one!

    • Legend is good. For some reason, I think it would make a great movie. And yes, Chaos Walking. I am both totally psyched and totally terrified to see these books adapted to film. I guess that’s what happens when we love a book so much! It’ll never be perfect, but hopefully it’s a good representation (and hopefully it makes the book all the more popular).

  4. MORTAL INSTRUMENTS! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am for that movie. Please let 2013 come sooner!!!
    Delirium was also on my list–it’s such a great book! And good call on the Daughter if Smoke and Bone–just the setting of it deserves a movie!

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday

    • Seriously, Daughter of Smoke and Bone would be an absolutely gorgeous movie! As would Delirium. I’m totally excited for MI because that’s the one nearest to us. It’s almost within reach! 🙂

  5. Your list is very much like my list. We both want more dystopian books into movies! i think this genre (unlike the whole vampire boom) has yet to produce a stinker. Not one that i’ve read anyway. They’ve all been really well-written and weirdly different from each other. i think, given the subject matter, they would all make really interesting movies.
    And of course i’d wanna see Lola and the Boy Next Door! i can’t think of who i would want to play Cricket though. And if it turned out to be someone that i didn’t like it’d be a total dealbreaker. You can’t mess up Cricket Bell. 🙂

    • I know! Cricket is pretty much impossible. I can’t think of a single person for him. I felt that way about Peeta too. And then one day I was at the bank of all places and the bank teller was young and blonde and had this quality about him. In my head I screamed “PEEEEEEETA!!!” I mean, I tried to act normal, but I could tell he thought I was weird. I wanted to take a picture of him and send it to Vee–but I resisted. 🙂

  6. I just recently read all the Ruby Oliver books, but I have gotten to Frankie yet. I feel like I have read so much about her recently, and now I’m dying to read that book. It sounds so good!

    The Sky is Everywhere is on my list, too. But I’m totally with you on hoping Selena Gomez isn’t really involved. She isn’t terrible, BUT SHE ISN’T LENNIE!

    And I would eat Lola and Cricket up if they ever make it to the big screen. AHH! Now if only Cricket were real…

    I also second Delirium. It was so emotional – in a good way. I loved that it was kind of a slow burn that ended up packing a huge punch in the end. That would be amazing in a film!

    • Such a good way to describe Delirium. It has a slow start and then somehow, without even seeing it take place, it has you. I think it would be such a beautiful film. And, yes, oh my goodness, read Frankie. E. Lockhart is so funny and smart and cool and as much as I LOVE Ruby, Frankie takes the cake.

  7. Can you imagine how much fun the costume-people would have if Lola got made into a film?
    And I’d love to see the different factions of Divergent come to life on screen, especially Dauntless headquarters with the bridges and the waterfall, and all the Dauntless members with their tattoos and piercings and punky outfits!
    Like everyone else, SO excited for MI. August 2013 cannot come soon enough!

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