TGIF- Literary Vacations

This is the first time I’ve ever participated in TGIF, hosted by the awesome Ginger at GReads. I’m totally excited!

This week’s topic is Literary Vacations.  Now, there are a ton of places I’d love to visit: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Genovia (if Michael Moscovitz happens to be there then BONUS) and of course, the one everyone wants…Hogwarts (save me a Butterbeer).  But when I think of a vacation, something summery comes to mind.  I am a true California girl, so the beach is always a part of that.  And that makes me think of Cousins Beach from Jenny Han’s Summer Books.

Oh, sweet mystery, the beautifully bittersweet drama that plays out at the Fisher Beach house.  It takes me back to my own childhood, to the kids I grew up with.  I think about how that beautiful house and all of that surrounding sand– they were like a second home to Belly. And about those boys who grew up loving her–le sigh! It’s amazing how I can feel so connected to an imaginary place (I don’t think Cousins Beach is real, is it?)!

Happy Friday everyone!

8 thoughts on “TGIF- Literary Vacations

  1. ah, a vacation where we just lay around and do nothing…i don’t know what that’s like. my husband has to see every sight around. cousin’s beach does sound lovely!

    • I know. It sounds so perfect. I want the house too. In real life, of course, I’d spazz about the sand being all over the floor, but on my imaginary vacation it would all be OK.

  2. Oh! Maybe we’ll run into each other! I’ll probably be lost in a stack of books, but if you see me on the beach, come say hello and remind me to apply more sunscreen.
    (I might also be stalking Conrad if he’s there. Feel free to join me! 🙂 )

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