Lost In Time

Lost In Time (Blue Blood #6) by Melissa de la Cruz

After their beautiful yet brief bonding ceremony in Italy, Schuyler Van Alen and Jack Force are forced to separate. To fulfill the Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler travels to Alexandria to search for Catherine of Siena and the Gate of Promise. But Schuyler quickly discovers that everything she believed about the Gate to be wrong. Meanwhile, Jack makes the difficult decision to return to New York to face his twin and former bondmate, Mimi. But instead of a bitter reunion, he is faced with a choice for which there is no good option.

Mimi, with a most unexpected travel companion in Oliver Hazard-Perry, jets off to Egypt, too, to search for Kingsley Martin, her long lost love. With all roads leading to Hell, Mimi learns that not all love stories have happy endings. But she’ll have to put her own feelings aside if she’s going to save her crumbling Coven. (Goodreads)

This is book numero six in the Blue Bloods series. You can check out my other reviews here and here. It’s a really fun series. And it has Jack Force, you know, so that’s always a win.

The Story:

Lost in Time picks up immediately after Bloody Valentine, after that beautiful bonding ceremony between Schuyler and my boy Jack. Each moment with them is pretty sweet. Though they are up against extreme circumstances what with Mimi wanting to kill Jack and all, they still maintain a certain level of loving bliss. They continue in their search for The Gate of Promise while constantly fearing they’ll be torn apart.

Mimi is stuck on vengeance.  The only thing she wants more than the death of her twin, Jack, is the return of her love, Kingsley.  The problem here is logistical. You see, Kingsley’s in hell. H-E-double toothpicks.  Mimi decides to take to her new buddy Oliver–who is still heartbroken over losing Schuyler–to hell to try to rescue Kingsley.  Oliver is her conduit now and since the Conclave is falling apart, Oliver agrees to go with Mimi. He literally has nothing better to do. It all sounds totally cray, but somehow it makes sense in the story.

While continuing with Mimi and Schuyler/Jack’s stories, Cruz also includes the story she began in Bloody Valentine. That of Allegra.  What exactly what happened between her and Charles? It’s all there. We finally understand how and why she left him and what made her choose Steven despite what it would do to her life. And this brings us back to Jack and Schuyler.  What they’ve done has severe consequences because Jack is supposed to be with Mimi.  They’re bondmates.  The fact that they’ve gone against that could have the same devastating effect on them that it did on Allegra.

My Take:

I’ve always loved Jack and Schuyler, and seeing them happily married despite the cost was great.  I felt that at times they sounded like a couple far older than they actually were, that some of the sexy zing was missing, but then there were other times that it was right there (just read the quote below. Shazam).  They still have great moments of sweetness and I found their complete devotion to one another to be totally romantic.

I wasn’t as drawn to Kingsley and Mimi’s situation this time around.  I got a little bored down there in hell. I really like the friendship between Oliver and Mimi. I mean, I just really like Oliver. I want him to have a happy ending. But this time Mimi didn’t interest me until the end of the story.  That was one of the best parts of the book: the showdown between Jack and Mimi. It was excellent, if a little short.  I feared that we’d have to wait until the next book to actually see it, so it was satisfying for the book to end after we experienced the outcome of the fight.

At the same time, I feel I’m ready for this series to be over. It’s been a great ride and I love the stories, but I’ll be happy to say goodbye soon.  The final book, The Gates of Paradise, comes out January 2013.

Crush Intensity: 3.0/5

Memorable Quote: (this is a good one)

So she tucked her memories away for safekeeping: the way he looked at her when he undressed her, as he slowly pulled down a silk camisole strap. His stare was voracious, and she would be sickened with desire, she wanted him so much. The bright fire she felt was matched by the intensity of his gaze—just like the first time he had flirted with her in front of that nightclub in New York, and the dizzying rush of infatuation she’d experienced the first time they’d danced together, the first time they’d kissed, the first time they’d met for a covert tryst in his Perry Street apartment, the strong yet gentle way he performed the Caerimonia Osculor. In the days that would come, she would replay these moments in her mind, like photographs she would remove from her wallet and look at again and again. But in the present, at night when they lay together, his warm body next to hers, when she pressed her lips against his skin, it felt as if they would never be apart, that what she feared would never come to be.

4 thoughts on “Lost In Time

  1. nice. this makes me want to continue the series. i think i stopped after the fourth one, i don’t even remember. and it was you who got me into these books, with all your talk of Jack Force. He’s quite the hottie. ~dixie

    • He’s the main reason I continued. I loved Bloody Valentine, and as far as this one, I could have skipped all of Mimi’s parts and just done Jack/Sky and Allegra’s parts. It was entertaining, but I think it’s time for them to go bye bye.

  2. There romance is so sweetly old-fashioned and dazzling. I love Schuyler and Jack! For serious. Because they sure know how to bring on the sweet and sexy at just the right times.

    Oh noes! You didn’t feel the Kingsley/Miminess!? Not a good sign, bro. I loved those two and was totally devastated when he fell to the place where the Sun Don’t Shine. I hope he isn’t writhing in flames or anything. That would put a damper on things. And Oliver! He def. needs a happy ending. Totally necessary for Cruz to make things right.

    I know what you mean about needing the series to end. I think that’s why, even though I own this one, I haven’t read Lost In Time yet. So happy to hear the series is ending even as I’m a little sad and shizz.

    • Normally I enjoy Mimi and Kingsley, but this time around I just wasn’t feeling it. I always feel the Jack and Sky (and Jack) thing, of course. It’s a decent read, but it needs to end.

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