TGIF- May 18

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads.  This week’s question is : Why did you become a book blogger?

The main answer seems pretty simple:  Because I’m a nerd of ginormous proportions.  And a place where I can talk about books, spazz about swoon and dissect every nuance of a story in as much or a little detail as I choose–that, as my friend Maggie would say, is Nerdvana!

There were always friend to discuss books with.  The problem for me was that very few of my friends read YA.  They’d pick up a popular one like Twilight, but no one I knew personally was totally seeped into the genre in the same way I was.  When I found that I was trying to blab to random people at the library and bookstore about the books they were picking up, I figured my need to discuss it all was getting a teensy bit out of hand (sadly, this is still a problem for me. Blogging hasn’t changed that).   Vee, who loves YA but still actually makes an effort to read some Adult fic, was fielding e-mails from me left and right (thank God for her) and having conversations with me about who our favorite literary heroes were (we made lists. With commentary, you guys) and was trying to help me figure out who in the world is the best actor to play Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries movie in my head.  It was serious business.

And that’s when it happened. I started putting together a blog. I wasn’t even sure I was going to really do it. I just needed to write down (or type out) how awesome Taylor and Jonah from Jellicoe Road are. I needed everyone to know that The Truth About Forever makes me smile and laugh and swoon every time I read it.  And I needed to say that there’s a reason I like YA more than most of the fiction written for women my age.

So, I worked on this blog solo for about 5 months without making it live, without actually publishing any posts. I was still a little nervous about nerding out in such an “out there” way.  And then Vee wanted to get involved (and she still is, though her commitments keep her from participating very often now) and then, in November of 2010,  it just felt like the right time.

Now, two years from when I started typing on WordPress and loading images and telling myself I’d probably be the only one to ever read it, here’s the blog. I’m still making a dork out of myself, I’ve made tons of new friends, read some amazing books and am having so much fun. And, to my great satisfaction, pretty much everyone who reads this blog knows how much I love Michael Moscovitz Fake Man of My Dreams (second only to my husband, of course, who is, thankfully real, and truly my dream guy despite the fact that he refuses to read Harry Potter). That makes me smile almost as much as it does when someone tells me how much they love a book I’ve told them about or when someone wants to dissect the awesomeness of Frankie Landau Banks.  So, even though I don’t get paid to do this, this is one of the best jobs ever!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Friday!

17 thoughts on “TGIF- May 18

  1. We should have built ours up more before starting. . .our lesson learned bc with both of us working its harder to make changes though I know we need a few. I’m so glad you are blogging!! BTW I’m about halfway with Ready Player One, still Nerdvana 🙂 ~ Maggie

  2. i wish i would remember what it was exactly that made me stumble into this little slice of heaven, but what made me keep coming back was that you seemed so much like me. i love your blog! thanks for taking a chance & nerding out. 🙂

  3. It is always nice to know there are fellow book nerds out there! And your enthusiasm for Michael Moscovitz is endearing… and I swear I will actually read those books one day. Because of you!

    • Lauren, the movies are adorable (I saw #2 before I read the books too) but they are completely different. The books are so funny. I pick then up whenever I need a smile.

  4. Aw, what a great post! 🙂 I agree with being the only one willing to delve into the YA genre. It’s a great genre to

    • It is! And it’s so fun to actually talk to other people who like YA (instead of those who think I’m weird or entering midlife crisis mode). 🙂

    • Of friend, it was so tough. I don’t think I truly nailed it. It’s hard to find someone to be the younger versions of Michael. In the end I went with Brandon Routh (from his Superman days) because he most reminded me of what Michael looked like after Mia when to see his speech at Columbia (in the last book). It still doesn’t feel right though. We should have a casting call again. I’ll take suggestions!

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