Top Ten Tuesday- My Favorite Non-Book Blogs

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week we’re sharing the blogs we read that aren’t related to books. Honestly, I read mostly book and writing blogs (and I’m not including the writing ones because they kind of overlap into books), but there are a few other sites that I check regularly.

First of all, I love blogs about entertaining, especially about kid’s parties.

1. Loralee Lewis– The ultimate party blog.  Check out her obsession with Harry Potter.

Source: LoraLee Lewis

2. Sara’s Party Perfect– One of the great things about this site is that people submit their own parties as well.

Alice In Wonderland Party, Source: Sara's Party Perfect

3. Thoughtfully Simple– This one has recipes, entertaining info, wedding stuff…a little bit of everything.

Enchanted Woodland Party, Source: Thoughtfully Simple

Decorating- Outside of book blogs, I probably spend the most time on decorating sites. Here are just a couple chosen from the TONS I love:

4. The Painted Old Cottage– Do yourself a favor. Take a tour of her home. I want to live in this lady’s house.

Source: The Old Panted Cottage

5. A Thoughtful Place– This is one of my absolute favorites. She has decorating, DIY stuff and  parties.

Source: A Thoughtful Place

6. The Yellow Cape Cod– She always has great design boards and easy DIY projects.

Source: The Yellow Cape Cod

And then there are a few random sites:

7. Gawker/Jezebel– You guys, there sites are hilarious. The writers are the best.  Sometimes I feel bad for laughing at the stuff they say (I definitely can’t check these sites with my kiddos around) and I don’t often agree with the views espoused by them, but hello, they are awesomely snarky and funny.

8. Bakerella– My friend Tammy turned me on to this one. It’s a baker’s heaven (or for me it’s a hell, because my stuff never looks as cute as hers).

Source: Bakerella

That’s all for this week!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- My Favorite Non-Book Blogs

    • I used to go totally crazy with my kid’s parties, but now I’ve learned to reel it in. Still, I love seeing people’s ideas. The planning is half the fun.

    • Yeah, I’m sort of mental, but each year I get a little better and not so crazy. The smaller parties always turn out better anyway. I try to keep all of the cute, creative details and I encourage the kids not to have the standard same old thing, but in the end I just want them to smile.

  1. So many cute decorating blogs! I honestly don’t read them often because they make me
    Feel bad about my own decorating skills. Haha They’re all soo cute!!

    • Sometimes they make me jealous! But honestly, most of the time I get cute ideas and since it’s DIY, it’s not usually expensive. I could spend hours on decorating blogs. 🙂

    • I’m a teensy bit DIY. I can paint and refinish furniture and stuff like that, but I can’t sew to save my life. That would be a great DIY skill to have!

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