So, I’m Fickle

I think by now most of you know that I started this blog with my buddy Vee as an extension of the constant convos we were having about all of our literary crushes (OK, mostly mine, but you get the picture).  After setting up the blog basics, the first thing I did was write a list of my favorite boy characters, now known as The Boyfriend List. I wanted that to be a staple, not just a regular post. Then obviously, the list of favorite girls followed, now known as The Girlfriends List,  because there are so many awesome ones.

This weekend I did a reread of The Sky Is Everywhere (because I chose that piece of fabulosity for my book club this month) and I was struck by the glaring omission of Joe Fontaine.  Why was he not on my list before? (Honestly because I was too lazy to add him).  The same goes for Jay from The Body Finder series.  Obviously this needs to be fixed.  The world is not right until everyone knows my biggest literary crushes in full detail!

Well, LOOK OUT. They’re on there now. We can all sleep better because of it. (also, I added Lennie to my Girlfriend list. I adore her brand of crazy).

Am I totally mental? Yes, definitely. But I feel better now.

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