TGIF- June 22

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads.

The week the question is: Are there any authors you have tried (or would like to try) to contact?

Um, YES.  I become a ginormous spazzy dork when it comes to the authors I love.  I realize they aren’t celebrities and just normal people  who happen to write for a living, but it still makes me squeal when I get a tweet or an e-mail from someone who has written a book that I love so much I’m compelled to write them a slobbery note (or tweet) about it. It means something to me that they understand how much I appreciate their work.

The author I tend to fangirl over it the most extreme way is Meg Cabot (Creator of Michael Moscovitz Fake Man of My Dreams).  I love her books.  I love her blog–have you read it? She’s hilarious.

My daughter, who is a gigantic fan of the Allie Finkle book series, went with me to a book signing at Barnes & Noble a couple of years ago and Meg gave her all kids of advice about writing (my daughter wants to be an author) and laughed and acted like I wasn’t a huge dorkhead when I told her that I believed Michael was more awesome than Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester (because he is, hello). She even told me that she wrote him for herself and all of her adult girlfriends, which made me feel like less of a weirdo for having such a mad crush on a totally fictional guy.  Also, she took a picture with us.

I’m a huge mess in this picture because clearly I didn’t think about what I looked like. I mean I was meeting MEG CABOT for goodness sake, we’re lucky I was able to act so (relatively) calm, cool and collected. Also, my daughter was so little here!

Fast forward a year or so and Meg Cabot has continued to write books I love. She has been a wonderful support to our blog with tweets, and review copies and linking us up to her blog on a few occasions (making me spazz all the more!).  I think she’s just supportive of book bloggers in general, but this book blogger totally appreciates that. Love her!

Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “TGIF- June 22

  1. That’s so completely awesome that Meg Cabot is a supporter of your blog! I love her oh so much and would love to get a chance to meet her! Super cute picture of the three of you! 🙂

    • I think she is just extraordinarily supportive of book bloggers. She is always tweeting out reviews or kind words about them. We’ve been lucky enough to be included in that. She rocks…but hello, we knew that as soon as we discovered Michael Moscovitz.

  2. I love your fan-girling. And what a cool thing to be able to meet her with your daughter, too! I’ve only read All-American Girl (which I loved!), and she is indeed one hilarious woman and writer!

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