Top Ten Tuesday- You Remind Me of Someone…

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish.  This week we’re discussing book characters who remind of someone we know in real life.  I LOVE this topic, but by doing it I’ve learned two huge things:

1. I think almost every book is about me

2. I have a huge crush on my husband

All joking aside, I love this subject because I think it’s such a wonderful thing to read something and relate to it on a personal level. To feel that the author knows you or gets you.  Or to see how far you’ve come in certain ways.  In the end, as a wonderful book club buddy recently pointed out to me, even though we think we’re all so very different and have different problems, we’re probably more alike than we realize.  We all want our happily ever after.

So here goes. I promise, I’m not as self-centered as this sounds. For reals.

1. Mia Thermoplois, The Princess Diaries– Good Lord this girl is me! I was (am) that tall, awkward, breastless freak who couldn’t do Algebra to save her life and who had a minor tendency to spazz over the small stuff.  And if a boy tried to talk to me it was all over.  I was at a total loss.

2. Tina Hakim Baba, The Princess Diaries– I didn’t meet Vee until I was a cute little newlywed, but oh how I would have benefited from her particular wisdom if I’d known her in high school. Vee gets me. She digs my crazy (maybe because she’s a cray too? I think so) and she understand what I’m trying to say even before I say it. She’s so totally my Tina!

3. Michael Moscovitz, The Princess Diaries– Are you sensing a theme here?  I’m in love with The Princess Diaries. One of the reasons I fell hard for this series was Michael. He’s perfectly flawed–a real boy.  His friendship with Mia, the way he didn’t care about her oddities, the fact that he’s always loved her–really, truly loved her–reminded me so much of my husband. He was my best friend and later my high school sweetheart, the guy who stuck around even when I had no idea how he felt.  We even had, to my great dismay, a bit of a Judith Gershner on our hands. Ugh! I know. I didn’t freak out like Mia did because, unlike Michael, my hubs was upfront about it, but still. It was like Meg Cabot read my mind!

4. Vi, Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have)– My friend Andrea was my Vi, the evil genius in my life.  She was my friend who was totally loyal, unafraid to say it like it was, and was incredibly creative about stretching the truth. She also never failed to make me laugh, even when I wanted to cry. Incidentally, I swore her to secrecy about my crush on my husband, and about two minutes after agreeing to never tell a soul, she went behind my back and told him. I KNOW!!!!!  Evil! To this day she credits herself with getting us together.  So very Vi.

5. Katie/Violet, Mostly Good Girls– I had a very good friend in junior high and high school who is no longer a part of my life anymore. We were incredibly close at one time, but I struggled so much when I saw her changing from the angelic girl she always was to something else, much like Violet did when Katie wanted to widen her horizons a bit. I’m glad things ended nicely in the book, as they didn’t end so fabulously in real life, but so much of the humor in this story takes me back to those funny moments with her.

6. Jay and Violet, The Body Finder– Holy sweet swoon, did I mention that my husband was my best friend? And yes, he made it clear that he had a thing for me pretty early on,  but I was all daaaahling please, I would never go out with you because you’re my favorite friend ever (who has the last laugh now?).  Then, of course, since he continued to date other girls while I ran from boys in complete horror, I figured he was over it.  But there’d be these moments that  were all loaded with emotion or questions or…something. And we had this relationship that wasn’t romantic but wasn’t just friends. It was awesome and scary and weird, just like those tingly moments with Jay and Violet.

7. Adam, Where She Went– I think in the case of true love, whatever the age or circumstance of the couple, there is such an open vulnerability that can be so so beautiful. That part of Adam gets me every time. The way he describes Mia when he first sees her again, his memories of how he was so taken with her when they met, the brokeness he felt at losing her, and those incredible tears he shed with her on the bridge and in her apartment. I think anyone who has really felt loved by a guy can appreciate the force with which Adam loves Mia.  His entire character doesn’t necessarily remind me of my husband, but the devotion he has to Mia and the way he longs to be connected to her, absolutely does.

8. The Sisters, Entwined– The girls in this book remind me so much of my own girls. I love how they love each other and how they comfort one another and find solace dancing together. It’s such a magical story and it’s one that my girls will enjoy (actually, my oldest has already read and loved it). The sisterly bonds make me smile because I’m so glad they have each other. As an only child I’m so fascinated by siblings and that bond they share, especially because it’s something I’ve never personally experienced.

9. The Mamas of the World, I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan-  This story impacted me in so many ways. The brothers, the family, the sweet love story–it was all so good. The part that really touched me was the story between Emily’s Mom and Riddle. That spoke to the mom in me.  I once had a friend tell me that when you become a mom your whole world changes, not just because of your child, but because the way you view the world changes. You want it to be a better place for your child, but suddenly your heart is aching for other children as well. In a sense, you become a mom to every child. And I loved that about Mrs. Bell. She love Riddle instantly and he somehow knew that he belonged with her.

10. Natalie, Not That Kind of Girl– I hate to say it but Natalie was totally me in high school. You know, minus all the sexy makeouts. I was a judgmental beeotch at times.  Ugh! I went to a super-conservative Christian high school and I was so eager to be “good.”  (Also, boys scared me, so that explains that sad makeout deficiency).  I do not in any way regret being a goody two shoes, and I wasn’t at all mean, but I know what I thought of people who didn’t do as I did and it wasn’t very nice.  I’m not that way anymore (yay!),  but this book was tough to swallow because of my feelings for Natalie/me.

11. Henry DeTamble, The Time Traveler’s Wife– One more about my husband, I’m sorry! This was the first big book crush I ever had and it took me forever to figure out why: the obvious imperfections, the devoted love for Claire, the intelligence and the love of books–this guy reminds me of my guy through and through, minus that whole time travel thing.


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- You Remind Me of Someone…

  1. You are so cute about your husband! I love that you really put a lot of thought into this list and were able to find so many great characters that reminded you of yourself and others in your life. 🙂

  2. I like your list… You were able to come up with 10, not that many ppl did!! I loved Princess Diaries & The Time Travelers Wife was one of my favs! …and April and Vi from Ten Things We Did made my list too, but I definitely couldnt think of 10 🙂

    Here’s Mine 🙂

    • It was a hard topic, but once I got going I felt like it got a bit easier. I’m totally nuts though and constantly relate things back to book and movie characters.

  3. I love that your life is essentially a YA book. No wonder you love Michael so much. You should totally write it all down, change the names, and sell that story. Do you hage any idea how much I love stories about best friends who fall in love? Oh, yeah, you do because of Jay & Violet. So cute! Also, you have fantastic taste in books 😉 ~dixie

    • I love Jay & Violet because of you! 🙂 I wish my life were a YA book, but there are definitely certain elements. I think the fact that I met my husband in high school is what contributes to it. We totally have those memories of peeking at each other over the lockers when we thought the other wasn’t looking.

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