TGIF- Comfort Books

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads.  This week is a subject I love: Comfort Books.

Do you have books that you read over and over again when you need a smile or a cry or a good swoon?  I have books like that. It doesn’t matter how any times I read them, they bring me such comfort.  Sometimes old books (as in ones we’ve read so often we can recite them) are better than new ones. They’re like old friends.

When I need a smile, I always grab a Princess Diaries book. I’ve read the whole series many times, but I gravitate toward Forever PrincessPrincess in Love and The Princess Present. Still, I’ve been known to reread the whole series at once when I need a larger supply of smiles.  It’s like a big hug.

Another go-to happy book for me is Austenland by Shannon Hale. Anything that 1) references Jane Austen characters and 2)pokes lighthearted fun at Austenites is for me.  The concept here (a girl who stays at a super-secret resort which recreates Austen life, characters and fantasies that star the patrons? Hello, I’m there) is fun and the humor, the writing and the characters are completely charming.  And Mr. Nobley (the book’s Darcy)? Swoon City, baby.

Finally, a book that never ever fails to make me happy is The Truth About Forever.  It has it all: humor, friendships, Armageddon experts (ha ha), romance and one of the most swoonworthy boys ever created.

Happy Friday!

14 thoughts on “TGIF- Comfort Books

  1. i want to reread the truth about forever and austenland, too! also, i started rereading the princess diaries and stopped on the fifth book, i need to finish! ~dixie

    • Yes, I very much agree. I think you should get on that. I want to do a reread too. It’s been a while since I’ve gone through them in order.

  2. Oh, Forever Princess… swoon! When Michael and Mia are in the carriage at Central Park… oh my heart clinched! Wanna hear a great story about Austenland? Our local library has a used book store and I found an ARC of Austenland, complete with CD in it. I’m so excited about getting to read it!

    • Oh that carriage ride! Could my heart pitter patter more? And OMG the text: I’m not sorry and I will wait. I was DYING!!!!! 🙂 I think you’ll like Austenland. Score on the ARC with CD!

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