TGIF- July 20th

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This week we get to pick any past TGIF topic we want. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Mostly because I am very easily excited about the smallest things, but partly because I’ve only been participating in TGIF for a little while.  I feel as if I’ve missed out on some fun discussions.

So..drumroll because I’m sure you’re DYING to know my choice right? Ahem.

I want to discuss series finales, ones I loved, ones I, um, didn’t feel quite so happy about.  I mean, the end of a series is a HUGE DEAL. I get very psyched/stressed about the whole thing.  How I remember a series hinges on that last book.  And usually, if I really, really love a series, I have a hard time admitting that I didn’t LOVE the the last book. My loyalty always wins out. Also, I’m a glass is half full kind of girl, so I’ll always look for the positive–but some endings are better than others.

For example, I loved, beyond words, Forever Princess, the final book in The Princess Diaries series.  Here we got to see Mia graduate high school, we got to find out where she’s going to college, to  see what happens with the Genovian elections and we got to see JP (that stupid Corn Hater) go down. Even better, we found out that Michael knew all along that Mia was smelling his neck as a way of calming down.  Oh, and he’s pretty much perfection, as we all knew he’d grow up to be. Hello, it was obvious to some of us thankyouverymuch.

And then there’s Where She Went by Gayle Forman.  Oh, you guys, I was so afraid to read the sequel to a book as beautiful and moving as If I Stay.  I can’t believe it, but I actually love WSW even more.  It’s all because of Adam, his pain, his deterioration, and about the opportunity to catch up with Mia, to see how she’s doing all these years later. I needed to know that she was alright. And I needed to see Adam get the healing and the love he so desperately deserved.

Oh, and then there’s We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han. Holy wow, I love this series. Conrad has been such a d-bag at times, so it was wonderful to see him as a grown up.  It was great to actually have the opportunity to be annoyed with Belly for some of her stupid mistakes (all while totally relating to her and to her love for Suzanne and her boys).  I was so happy to see the young woman Belly grew into and to finally see her end up with the Fisher boy she was always meant to be with–but only after she’d found her way as an individual.

Then there were the let downs. Be warned. The spoilers here are aplenty as, I feel I must rant.

I had such mixed feelings about Mockingjay. For the most part, I liked it. I loved that life in District 13 wasn’t the perfect Utopia we were all hoping for.  I loved getting more Gale and more Finnick (Finnick! Don’t make me cry).  And even though I felt bad for him, I was totally into the whole Crazy Peeta storyline.

I was very unhappy with Gale’s story (yes, I’m biased as I’m totally Team Gale).  He just sort of petered out at the end. He never visited Katniss in the hospital and then he just skulked off to District 2 never to be heard from again. After all they’d been through? Really? I know he felt guilty, but that wasn’t believable to me. And I really wanted Katniss to do two things: 1)To tear Prez Snow’s head off and pee down his throat and 2) To make a definitive choice between Gale and Peeta. Neither thing happened. She wimped out with Snow (and then made some weird comment later about continuing the Hunger Games in Prim’s memory. I’m sorry but, WTF?) and she ends up with Peeta, (who I believe was the right choice for her)—but it was more like they ended up together because no one else was around since Gale was busy spreading his awesome around District 2.

So did I have some issues with the book? Hell to the yes. But somehow I still liked it.

Breaking Dawn and I had some rough moments too, but we made it through every freaking page (there were a lot of them). I was very happy that Stephenie Meyers did some things I felt I needed: she gave me closure with every character I cared about.  She gave me the wedding and honeymoon I really wanted to see. But holy freaking sparkly vampires, did I need an entire third of the book narrated by Jacob?  And did I need that whole Rosemary’s baby thing? I’ll answer that. No.  She lost me a bit there.  Overall, I was happy with how the series ended, but that middle portion bored me.  Also, I hate Jacob. The less I get of him the better.

What about you? Any series endings that you loved or hated?

16 thoughts on “TGIF- July 20th

  1. Mockingjay and Breaking Dawn were definitely some of the bigger letdowns at the end of a series that I’ve read, too. Mockingjay was depressing and Breaking Dawn just got weird. By that fourth book I was was ready to join the Twilight haters club.

    • I totally get it. I didn’t hate BD, but there were those things I mentioned that really bugged me. There were good things too (like closure. I was so happy to have that and I was happy to see Bella become the strongest link in the chain), but man, that middle portion was bad!

  2. Yesyesyes I loooved Where She Went! And I was a little disappointed by Mockingjay too… I just wasn’t happy with the way it ended the whole series! Breaking Dawn was exciting to see Bella as a vamp, but the whole Jacob “I love your baby” thing kind of lost me. I still enjoyed how it wrapped up though! Great choices 🙂

  3. FINALLY someone else who is Team Gale! I don’t understand how he up and disappeared from her life, either.

    One of the series I’ve just recently come to love through and through, especially in its final book, is the Curse Workers series by Holly Black. She managed to keep them thrilling right until the very end!

    • I’ve never read a Holly Black book and you are the third or fourth person to tell me she’s good. Adding her to the ever-growing TBR pile!

  4. I don’t remember disliking Mockingjay and am probably one of the few out there who actually liked the ending. Although I did get a little sense of dissatisfaction in that everything was BAM IN YOUR FACE and then done. 2 pages of wrap up. Nothing. But… like I said, I liked it. I also had major trouble with Breaking Dawn; I mean, loved the series, really had to make myself push through Breaking Dawn. At the time, I think I was okay with everything but now I think about it and am like “okaaaaay…. Bella marries a vampire, he impregnates her with this devil spawn that nearly kills her, she has said devil spawn – who is actually sweet, cute, cuddly baby with a weird name – and then a werewolf falls in love with the baby. Who approved this as an okay plot?!”

    Also… Forever Princess? BEST WAY TO END A SERIES!

    • Werewolf in love with a baby is just YUCK. And then she tried to explain it away like he was more of her guardian, but the whole things still gave me the serious creeps. And Forever Princess? Yes! Did you read Ransom My Heart too? There were some serious sexytimes there.

  5. completely agree w/ Breaking Dawn. I had such high hopes and was rewarded on many fronts (the wedding, the honeymoon, her becoming a vampire), but you know when you have this huge smile on your face and something weird happens and it slowly slides off your face? that’s how i felt reading it. i was like…”alright”…i actually thought while reading “it kinda reads like fanfiction”–it’s the only book in the series that i have not reread. Forever Princess & Where She Went, all kinds af awesome! And Mockingjay, I didn’t LOVE, but I understand why it wasn’t all chocolate & roses … and I wanted her to PICK Peeta, not get stuck with him, like you said. But it’s all the same in the end, though, right? Sigh.

  6. I picked this same old question too for TGIF! And um you’re my new best friend. I also picked Mockingjay and agree with you (love what you wanted her to do to Snow). Also, I LOATHE Jacob with a fiery passion. I couldn’t stand that third book, Eclipse. I almost threw it out the window I was so annoyed. Cannot stand him. Nice to see someone else also hate him. 🙂

    • I know, right? Normally I can at least somewhat see when people pick the other side of a love triangle, but on the romantic front Jacob is a major tool. He tricks Bella into kissing him! He tells her she’s in love with him! Ugh! Hate him! 🙂 Love that we always have something cute in common on our blogs! We were made to be buddies!

  7. I pretty much agree with everything. I LOVED the ending to ‘The Princess Diaries’ (Meg Cabot is amazing) and I had similar issues with ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stephenie Meyer loses me every time Jacob narrates and the demonbaby-thing was just too weird for me… Another Meg Cabot series I loved the ending to was ‘Queen of Babble’ (spoiler alert)
    – I found it really refreshing how she made the male hero human and how the epic love story of the first book wasn’t the love story of the series! I just love Meg Cabot!

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