Top Ten Tuesday- The Best Picture of Me(No, not really)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by those lovelies at The Broke and The Bookish.

This week we’re supposed to talk about posts that will give you, dear blog readers, the best picture of me as a reader and a person. Honestly, I can sum myself up very simply: I am a huge nerd who loves (in no particular order) books, my husband and children and our awesome life, Michael Moscovitz (Fake Man of My Dreams) and Disneyland with a passion that can never be considered normal.

But here are a few of my previous posts that will show you a bit more of my inner dork:

1. I make lists– This blog was started because of my weird obsession with listing all of my favorite literary crushes and then forcing Vee to read and comment on it, so it’s imperative that you read my Boyfriend List and my Girlfriend List.

2. While I read Adult fiction sometimes, there’s a good reason I’ve latched on to YA.

3. I’m mildly obsessed with The Princess Diaries and Michael Moscovitz Fake Man of My Dreams– I think that says it all.

4. I often stalk people in bookish places

5. I love swoon, swoon and more swoon.

6. I sometimes openly profess my desire to marry books 

7. When I really love a book, I spazz hard. And I make more lists.

8. I’m a good girl. Always have been.

9.At times I can be very sarcastic.

10. Sometimes I get passionate about things completely unrelated to kissing and romance

Happy Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- The Best Picture of Me(No, not really)

  1. Tee– you crack me up with your swooning and your use of the phrase “tulip-abuse” and your use of the word romantical in the Lola post (it is one of my favorite made-up words ever). Perfect list for you!

  2. You are so freaking awesome! So glad I got to know you a little bit more through your past (amazing) posts! And if you ever stalk me in a Barnes and Noble, I promise I won’t mind and will gladly fangirl with you over whatever book I happen to have in my hand!

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