TGIF- What to read…what to read

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at G Reads.  This week we’re discussing how I decide what to read next.

Oh I’d love to tell you I have this wonderfully organized system, where everything just perfectly falls into place—but no. I basically have a stack of books on my nightstand.  They can be books I’ve purchased, books loaned to me by friends or taken from the library, and books from publishers.  I try to read borrowed books first and then books from publishers, depending on the due date of the borrowed book and the publication date of the ARC, but there’s not really a science to it.  This is why the books I purchase take FOREVER to get read, no matter how long I’ve owned them. Also, this is why I haven’t read so many books I claim to be gagging for (like, hello, Insurgent. I’m on the waiting list for the library, but with about 15 books on my table right now, I have no business buying it).

Sometimes I think I have it all worked out. Then I take my kids to the library and come home with five books I’ve suddenly decided I’m dying to read. That throws everything off too.

Oh well! Happy Friday to you!

PS. For those of you who don’t know, Ginger at G Reads is putting TGIF on hiatus for a while.  While I won’t be doing TGIF, I’ll try to think of something fun to do.  Maybe I’ll read the books on my night stand?  Ha ha.

4 thoughts on “TGIF- What to read…what to read

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who has a crazy organizational system like that! I really should get better about prioritizing my books to read. Like right now I’ve had to say “No” to books that I have on hold at the library because I have SO MANY at home I really need to weed through. It makes me sad, because the books at the library are books I really want to read, but when you tell someone you’ll read their book… or you have deadlines to read a book by… Geez, that sounded really bad! haha

  2. I think you NEED to have like a million books in your TBR pile because a person’s mood changes all the time…and you seriously need a book ready in the wings for whatever mood you might happen to be in! I say it’s like junk food. Sometimes you just want potato chips, sometimes ice cream, sometimes chocolate. Well, you need to have all three on hand for when one of those cravings strikes, right?!

  3. Haha you basically described my life exactly right now! I’m finishing borrowed books, then I have a book I need to review for an author (which SORRY that I’ve had it forever 😦 I’m terrible) and now I have four books from the library. AH! I caught up and now I’m falling behind again already. Sheesh.

  4. Having a system for determining what to read next would never work for me… because if I am not in the mood for a book, it takes me ages and teeth-pulling to read it. And this is supposed to be fun, so I try to let myself go where the wind blows me!

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