Top Ten Tuesday- Series I Haven’t Finished

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by those lovely gals at The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is Book Series I Haven’t Finished (either because of procrastination or dislike, etc).  This is such a big issue for me because I have a tendency to go on and on about how much I love a series, and then I wait forever to read the next books. Sometimes this is pure laziness, other times it’s because I can’t bear to say goodbye to a story I love (it’s too final!) and sometimes (or in my case lots of times), I just can’t muster up the interest. And usually these are books everyone loves and then I feel like something is wrong with me for not liking them so I vow to read them again. It never happens though.

Books I Just Disliked (or hated)

1. The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead– I know, WHATT?  I really, truly, with all of my heart hate Rose and think she’s a ginormous, stuck up beeotch. Also, that whole business with Dimitri (who has a PONYTAIL!!!! What year is it?) in the first book, I could not get into it. Maybe it’s because my husband is a teacher or maybe it’s because it’s UNBELIEVABLY WRONG.  Anyway, I read the first two or three and just couldn’t take it. And holy cheeseballs, don’t even get me started on the covers. Really?

2. Angelfire by Courtney Moulton– Again, I hated the MC in this book.  I hated her inner monologue.  I hated everything about her. And I know I’m in the minority here because these books get solid reviews–but not from me.

3. The Caster Chronicles series by Kami Garcia and Maragret Stohl– I’m not sure what happened here. The set up for Beautiful Creatures was great with its awesome creepy, southern vibe–but I couldn’t get into it.  That being said, I’m psyched for the movie.  Sometimes I don’t make sense.

4. Need by Carrie Jones– This is the series that helped me once and for all to realize how much I despise faerie (and fairy) books.  I didn’t find this book to be creepy or enthralling or interesting on any level.  Thus, I never went past the first in the series.

5. Matched by Allie Condie– There were so many things I liked here, but somehow the book overall fell quite flat for me. It was slow and I felt no real connection to Cassia, the MC.  I’m not in any way opposed to reading the next books, but let’s be real, I barely make time to finish the ones I’m supposedly dying for.

6. Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini– Another book that had so many things I liked, but lots more things that annoyed me (mostly I felt there were too many story lines and it was a reach to pull them all together in an effort to fit some Greek Mythology/Romeo and Juliet prototype).  Again, people love this series, so it’s probably just me.

7. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series  by Maggie Stiefvater– I know, right?  What’s wrong with me?  Mostly I hated Sam’s poetry and I hated the fact that Grace was into him in a creepy weird way before she knew he was human–when she thought he was purely a wolf.  Hello, crazy alert! Does this bother no one else?  I would be willing to give this series another shot though simply because I liked The Scorpio Races so much (which I know is a departure for the author, but still).

Books I Liked (or loved)

8. Across the Universe by Beth RevisA Million Suns has been on my bookshelf since February. And I loved the first book. I cannot explain this.

9. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer- I really liked the first book, despite the fact that I normally have an aversion to wolfy things. Also, Ren= hello sexy.

10. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles – Loved the first book. Totally loved it. I have no explanation here.

Oh, there’s more….

11. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick– I liked both of the main characters here, as well as the BFF.  This is truly a matter of procrastination.

12. Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready– I’ve just requested this one from the library because I think I can finally handle saying goodbye to these characters. I love this series, but I’ve held off in reading the last book for a while now.

13. Divergent by Veronica Roth– Yeah, still haven’t read Insurgent yet. You know it’s bad when everyone you’ve recommended the first book to has already read it and the sequel. At this point I should just wait until all of the books are out.

14. Appaloosa by Robert B. Parker- This is one of my my husband’s favorite series and I really, really liked the first book. The problem here is that we own all of the books so I always put it off in favor of books from the library or books that have to be completed in a certain time frame.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Series I Haven’t Finished

  1. Your reasons for not liking those books crack me up. I mean, tell it like it is why don’t you? haha! I haven’t come across too many books I don’t like, but I think on the whole I give everything the old college try. But then again, if the plot sounds a little too out there, I’ll probably pass it over. I haven’t read any of the books you actually liked on your list (except Divergent of course); but a few of the books on the books you hated list I actually like, but understand what you mean – mostly because I kind of feel the same way! 🙂

    • Sometimes I think I’m just not in the right mood for certain books (like I think that may have happened with Shiver) but other times I just hate them and want to stab them with my pencil (Vampire Academy). I can’t explain it. 🙂

  2. Haha. I was not a fan of Beautiful Creatures, either, but I am super excited for the movie. Maybe it will translate better as a movie, for me.

    And I did not like Starcrossed very much at all! The ending reminded me a bit too much of another series which I think is way better!

    Here’s my TTT

  3. I liked the first starcrossed book ignoring the thousand mistakes made in it, but Dreamless was terrible. I just couldn’t get into it at all.
    Great list 🙂
    Check out my list here

    • See Amy? You just made me feel so much better about skipping Dreamless. Sometimes I second guess myself and wonder if I should just read the next book anyway, but now I know I shouldn’t waste my time. 🙂

  4. Totally hear you on the Caster Chronicles, Matched, Starcrossed and Wolves of Mercy Falls. (Sadly my list could have gone on for days) It’s probably a good idea to wait until the last Divergent book is out to catch up, same with Across the Universe.

    • Considering how long I wait to catch up, it makes the most sense to have the whole series out so that I can devour all the books while I’m still on the high from each previous book!

  5. I didn’t dislike Matched, but I didn’t really feel the need to read Crossed. I still have no idea if I’ll ever finish the series… I guess it’ll just depend on if the opportunity presents itself.

  6. I feel your pain on the Vampire Academy books (St. Vlads? Really? )! However, I have to issue an addendum to my dislike. I didn’t read them. I listened to the audiobook version so I was able to finish. I listened while doing other things (cleaning, laundry etc…) and tuning out the stupid stuff – kind of like the audiobook version of skimming. Added bonus – you’re not continually subjected to the craptastic covers on an iPod. Anyway…the VA books set up the Bloodlines Series, which I kind of like. Bloodlines MC Sydney Sage is so much more palatable than Rose. The swoonage is slow…I mean really, really slow. But Adrian Ivashkov is my favorite poor little rich party boy vampire. Would I ever consider reading VA? Awwww hell no! But get the VA cliffs note (and by that I mean look up the pertinent info online) and give the Bloodlines series a try if you have some free time (BUT YOU ARE HEREBY NOT ALLOWED TO READ ANYTHING UNTIL YOU READ INSURGENT!!!)

    • Ha ha. I called Insurgent in from the library, so I should have it in about three years. (Ginormous, HUGE wait list!). I will read it. I really want to. My thing is, I have a huge stack on nightstand now, so I may as well read those and wait for Insurgent to come in to the library. I’m willing to try Bloodlines. I’ve heard it’s a good series, but I never know if that’s just from VA people. As long as there is no Rose, I should be good.

  7. Ha! I haven’t read Insurgent yet either. I got an ARC of Divergent and didn’t read it until well after it was out and everyone loved it. I loved it, but haven’t gotten to Insurgent for whatever reason (even though I went and bought it right away). Same with A Million Suns for me too! Caster Chronicles and Mercy Wolves were also on my couldn’t finish list. I liked Caster Chronicles #1 okay, but just not enough to read more. And I couldn’t get through the first of the Wolves books. It just wasn’t my thing.

    Megan @ Read It, See It

  8. I so need to read the Veronica Roth books! I like how you split your list out by the way – there are def. some series I started disliking, so I stopped reading and then there’s others that I just haven’t gotten to yet (but am dying to!) Good list!

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