Top Ten Tuesday- Favs Contemporary Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely, fabulous gals at The Broke and The Bookish. This week we’re discussing our favorite authors in a particular genre.  My favorite genre is Young Adult (um, obviously), but within that category, far and away, I prefer contemporary stories.  That being said, here are a few of the authors who know how to be me laugh, make me cry, make me swoon (this is vastly important) and make me want to date Michael Moscovitz live inside their books.

1. Meg Cabot– Hello.  Only the creator of my biggest literary crush EVER. I always love her books, especially The Princess Diaries series, which I can (and do) read again and again.  Also, Meg’s blog and Twitter feed are both pretty hilarious.

2. Sara Zarr– I’ve loved all of her books. She handles heavy stuff with grace, without being overly emo or sappy and with real honesty.

3. Sarah Dessen– One word: Sa-woon!  I love her characters and her beautiful, flowy writing style.  Che creates relatable characters who somehow manage to be somewhat extraordinary in their every day lives. And the boys.  Holy cow.

4. Leila Sales– She’s only written two books (so far), but I love this girl. Her sense of humor is right up my alley. Gotta love someone who can find the ridiculous in everything.

5. Gayle Forman- Oh, this woman makes me cry. He writing is beautiful and raw, honest at every turn and she’s made me–despite the horrendous situations in her books–want to live in their world and be those characters for the moment, to revel in that pain, that beauty, that love. Le sigh.

6. Melina Marchetta– She freaking brilliant. That’s all I can say. Also, she makes me want to visit Australia.

7. John Green– Nerdfighters would be reason enough to love this guy, but his books are amazing too. The perfect amount of emotion and humor every time.

8. E. Lockhart– I’m pretty convinced that there is o writer in the world as cool as this girl. She’s hilarious and witty and her books are whip smart and always, always crack me up.

9. Jandy Nelson– Oh, yes, she’s only written one book BUT HAVE YOU READ IT? I could probably read it every day and never tire of it. It may be the number one book I recommend to people.  I am so looking forward to more from her.

10. Jenny Han- Because I adore the Summer books. She captures adolescence, that shift from girl to young woman, and first love so flawlessly.  I love her writing.

And what about you?  Who are your favorite contemporary authors?


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Favs Contemporary Authors

  1. So many great writers on this list! I’ll admit I haven’t read anything by Sarah Dessen, despite owning like 3 of her books. I finished If I Stay on Sunday and I don’t think I’ve cried as much over a book as I did over that one. Granted it was an audiobook and the narrator probably helped, but man oh man it was PERFECT. Can’t wait to read the sequel. 🙂

    • If you can believe it, the sequel is better. Friend, I am not lying. You will LOVE. I can loan you mine, but you’ll probably want your own copy to love and snuggle and fawn all over like I do with mine. I’ve read it so many times. Also, the two must-have Dessen’s: The Truth About Forever (my fav) and This Lullaby.

  2. Loooove your list! there are still a few on there that I haven’t read, but I really want to! 🙂
    Haha I like Dixie’s comment about Stephanie Perkins. I just read Anna and Lola so I’m all on board the Steph train!

  3. Hello there. I love your blog. I am such a big Michael Moscovitz fangirl and I love that you mention him a lot here. It’s hard to find a blog like yours that never forgets how awesome that fictional guy is. Anyway, I just want to share this link:

    I don’t know if you’ve read it already but make some time to read it. It’s TPD in Michael’s POV. I know that a lot of writers out there have attempted to write about his thoughts but this story is the most brilliant and swoonworthy. Check it out when you get a chance. I can’t stop gushing over how insanely perfect and flawless it is.

    More power to your blog. Please don’t ever get tired of writing about Michael. Teehee.

    • Oh, Camille, I will check out the link for sure. I always appreciate people who fully see the awesomeness of Michael Moscovitz as there is no better book boyfriend. At a Meg Cabot book signing a couple of years ago, the crazy fully got to me and I told her that MM was better than anyone, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester included (um, because he is). I felt like a dork, but she laughed and said she wrote him for all her grown up girlfriends. Thanks so much for reading my blog! 🙂

    • Oh you have to get on that. Better than the first book. Absolutely beautiful, and I know that’s hard to believe since the first one is so good, but it’s true.

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