Secret Santas

SC2_edited-3My lovely and talented friends from The Selective Collective organized a Secret Santa exchange between our blogs.  I thought this was a wonderful idea and would have suggested it myself if I wasn’t so unmotivated and lazy about these things (true story).  I’m so glad they pulled it all together though because it was such fun.

My Secret Santa, Sandie from Teen Lit Rocks,  sent me a serious stash. Like, whoa mama! Check it out:


First and foremost, she sent books. Hallelujah!  I could have stopped looking right there.


But there was more. Nail polish (and you guys it was wrapped so cute, it reminded me of the wrapping job in Love, Actually. It was scented beautifully and put together so pretty).  Needless to say, this will be my new color for Winter. My girls are already begging for mani/pedis with it.


Sandie, as well as probably everyone on the planet, knows I love Disney. As Southern California natives, we are regulars at The Happiest place on Earth, so I was especially thrilled to see a little touch of Disney with this Mickey bookmark and sequined clutch (which I’ve SO been using on my Disneyland visits).



Also, chocolate is my crack. So imagine my happiness here:


Wait, there’s more (I know!). Isn’t this the cutest little reusable grocery bag?


Thanks to Sandie!  I hope my Secret Santa gift recipient, Diana, also of Teen Lit Rocks, enjoys her things as much as I have!

Merry Christmas!


8 thoughts on “Secret Santas

  1. Hooray, I’m sooo glad you loved your box. I want to make a point of saying that I am lucky enough to get a lot of stuff sent to me for review, so despite all of the goodies I pulled together, I managed to stay within the price range. The nail polish is definitely what I’d call a “luxury brand,” but I just had to get it because of the name (did you see what it was called?). Don’t let the girls swipe it! And isn’t the Disney Villains collection cute?! Love ya, girl!

  2. LOL well, you can tell who got the shopping gene in our family! I did enjoy my stuff too. Thanks so much!! I intend to buy the chocolates again and keep them away from my dog (go to teenlitrocks to see what happened).

  3. Love your blog, I just followed you (via WordPress)! 🙂 Glad to meet another Disneyland fan; I’m a Cali native too, though I live in Northern CA, I try to visit the Happiest Place on Earth whenever I can because I love it so much! Awesome bookmark! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • Thanks Alice! Disneyland is one of my happy places (other than anyplace I can be with my nose in a book). I will definitely be visiting your blog too, my fellow Cali girl!

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