Top Ten Tuesday- Bookish Goals for 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted my the awesomepants ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week we’re discussing our bookish goals for the coming year.  I don’t really have numerical goals (those just stress me out), and other than my campaign to Make The World See The Awesomeness of Michael Moscovitz, my only real book-related goals have to do with blogging (and maybe one or two non-blog ones).

Non-Blog Items

1. Actually read the books I purchase (A Million Suns, I feel I owe you a huge apology).

2. Only check out books from the library that I actually intend to read. And then read them.

3. Read my book club picks in a timely manner instead of cramming them into the 2-3 days before a meeting (in my defense, I do this because if I read it and then read ten other books in between, somewhere the emotion is lost. Also, I get confused).

Blog Items

4. Create a new layout- I mean, who am I kidding? I’m way too lazy and not tech-savvy enough to do this. We’ll have to see.

5. Give more books away- I’m a hoarder, I’ll admit it.

6. Author Interviews- I really want to do these, it’s just that my questions are pretty much lame and the same old thing. Must get better at this.

7. Arrange more guest posts- I’d like to have some friends or authors visit my blog. It could be fun. Like a little blog slumber party.

8. Read faster-You guys, I used to read anywhere from 2-5 books a week. Not the fastest person in the world (that doesn’t count my obsessive re-reads), but not slow by any standard. Now I think I read 1.5-2. I need to crank it up.

9. Get better at comments- Oh, I used to be great a responding to comments (because they really, really make me smile) and at visiting and commenting on other blogs. And trust me, I visit, but I’m like a stalker. I stop by and never say hello. This must change.

That’s all for this week. Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Bookish Goals for 2013

  1. I feel you on all of these! I have gotten really really bad at both reading books and commenting – two things that I feel as a blogger I SHOULDN’T be bad at! Hopefully we can cheer each other on to reach our goals! 🙂

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