Top Ten Tuesday-Oh The Places You’ll Go

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted my the awesomepants ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week we’re discussing book settings we’d like to see more of.  I love this topic because sometimes a setting can feel so rich and so integral to the story that it’s like another character.  I mean, would Wizard school have been half as interesting if it had just taken place in a normal town surrounded by Muggles? I THINK NOT! No, it had to happen at Hogwarts.

Here are a few places I’d love to see in more books:

Space1. Space- It’s creepy and unknown and futuristic.

London2. London- Because I want to actually visit there, but as this is a pipe dream I will have to settle for reading about it and watching Love, Actually over and over again.

Paris3.  Paris- Ditto

NYC4. New York- I love NYC, a fabulous city full of amazing people.

CA5. California- A born and bred Cali girl, my true allegiance will always rest here. There are so many fantastic landmarks and towns, such a friendly, warm atmosphere (and slight obsession with plastic surgery).  There is truly no state like it.

middle earth6. Imaginary Place- I love mythical worlds. As long as they don’t have faeries. Apparently elves are OK as long as they’re Legolas.

boarding schools7. Boarding Schools- I’d like to believe that were I ever to have attended a boarding school I’d have been the Frankie Landau Banks type of girl, but we all know I would have shrunk back and hidden, probably reading a book about the awesome prankster girls instead of being one. Anyway, boarding school settings rock.

the jestsons8. Futuristic America- The Jetsons thought we’d be A-OK in the future, but most YA books have other ideas. They always have me guessing about what happened in America’s history to make them turn into a crazy, evil dystopia.

Cousins Beach9. The Beach- Oh the waves, the sand, the saltwater smell–it’s like a lullaby.  I love summer stories set here.

roadtrip10. Roadtrips- Because the only thing more awesome than a great town setting is a setting where you drive to lots of great towns!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Oh The Places You’ll Go

  1. I’m totally interested in more boarding school-type books! I love that all the characters are together all the time but still in school.
    I LOVE road trip books! I think they’re almost always fun 🙂

  2. Your list is great! I’d love to read more books that are set in Cali, but maybe northern Cali or the non-obvious places. I think that’s what I like best about realistic settings… ones that are off the beaten path or a small town. And I do love a good futuristic America, but wish we could see one that was a little more Jetsons and a little less Hunger Games!

  3. Paris and London? Yes! More European settings overall would be great.
    And boarding school settings are promising, but there’s just so few of them.
    Good list!

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