Tempestuous: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare’s The Tempest  (Twisted Lit #1) by Kim Askew and Amy Helmes

TempestuousRecently banished, unfairly, by the school’s popular crowd, former “it girl,” Miranda Prospero, finds herself in a brave new world: holding dominion amongst a rag-tag crew of geeks and misfits where she works at the Hot-Dog Kabob in the food court of her local mall. When the worst winter storm of the season causes mall workers and last-minute shoppers to be snowed-in for the night, Miranda seizes the opportunity to get revenge against the catty clique behind her social exile. With help from her delightfully dweeby coworker, Ariel, and a sullen loner named Caleb who works at the mall’s nearby gaming and magic shop, Miranda uses charm and trickery to set things to right during this spirited take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. (Goodreads)

The Story:

Miranda, once an it girl, has sunk several rungs down the social ladder after a scandal left her in hot water with her friends, her dad, and her school. Now employed in the food court of a local mall, Miranda leads her cohorts (who aren’t exactly the cream of the crop as far as popularity is concerned) as they’re locked in the mall overnight during a blizzard.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend and ex BFFs, also locked in along with numerous kids who now snub her. In fact, it would almost be fun were it not for the fact that she’s been accidentally handcuffed to Caleb, the guy from the video game store. Caleb doesn’t really fall for Miranda’s charms. In fact, he’s a little mysterious and a whole lot annoying (but not really), making it seem like Miranda’s in for a pretty long night.

My Take:

This is a modern twist on The Tempest, which I’ve never read.  It is everything it seems to be: cute, fun and completely light-hearted. Miranda may seem like a spoiled brat at first, but as the story progresses she turns out to be pretty great. And she has ninja-like prankster skills, which I always admire. What’s nice is that even though this isn’t a super-deep story, by the end of the book we’re able to see how Miranda has grown and how differently she views her former friends vs. her new ones. The romance between Miranda and Caleb is cute, though not one overflowing with super-swoon.  It’s a beginning, a promise that there’s something adorable and sweet in store for the both of them.

Crush Intensity: 3.75/5 I fully enjoyed every moment of this one. It was really, really cute.

Thank you to Merit Press for sending me a copy of Tempestuous!

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