Top Ten Tuesday- Authors on Auto-Buy

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted my the awesomeness over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week we’re discussing the authors we love so much they’re practically on auto-buy.  If you read this blog regularly, you can probably write this list for me with your eyes closed (yes, with your eyes closed. you’re that talented!).  I’m nothing if not completely repetitive:

1. Meg Cabot– Duh

2. Gayle Forman– Ask me if I’ve bought her new book. Ask me. (No, because of the rule where I have to finish all of the books on my nightstand first. Why do I torture myself so?).

3. Melina Marchetta– I believe I’ve said that I’d read anything by her, including her grocery lists or any other mad ramblings. This still holds true.

4. Jandy Nelson– Will you write another book already?

5. John Green– I know he’s busy having another baby with his wifey and talking to the President and all, but I want more books.

6. Stephanie Perkins– Am I the only one who feels like I’ve been waiting five years for Isla to come out?

7. Leila Sales– She just makes me happy

8. Jenny Han– I love her books and hope to find another Conrad among them (someone who transforms from douchy to fabulous over the course of the series. I just loved falling for a character that was anything but perfect).

9. Sara Zarr– He gets me right in my heart every single time.

10. Sarah Dessen– Her cuteness and her swoony boy overwhelm me.


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