Top Ten Tuesday- Top Literary Crushes

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Today is like heaven to me because we’re discussing the Top Ten Fictional Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character.

Wait. I have to be a fictional character to crush on these guys? Man, I’ve been doing it all wrong!  But I get the point. If these were real life guys (can we sigh at that thought?), there are certain ones I’d be a crazy fool for. So I’d be a lot like I am now, only it would happen in a book.

I promise I’ll resist listing Michael Moscovitz ten times. But that’s only because there are many book boyfriends I feel I must mention.  I mean, this important business. Serious stuff. One of the main reasons I read certain books is because I want to read about kissing. Not bodice ripping or throbbing body parts, just a good, tingle in your toes, steamy kiss. And maybe some stolen glances. I love those too, holy crepes,  do I ever, but my toes can’t tingle if the love interest isn’t swoonworthy.  This is why I’ve created The List. Because the world must know that not every YA romance has a vampire or an angel in it.

Let’s go through the top contenders (and there is NO WAY this list will have only ten characters). To keep from gushing I will describe them in two words/phrases and will not be allowed to use the terms “hot” or “swoony”. This may be difficult:

1. Michael Moscovitz (The Princess Diaries)- Genius, confident, perfect, swoony, hot, reminds me of my husband in high school

2. Adam (If I Stay, Where She Went)- Rock Star, loves that Mia’s a nerd

3. Wes (The Truth About Forever)- Funny, he’s the good guy

4. Joe Fontaine (The Sky Is Everywhere)- Adorable happiness, musician

5. Jonah Effing Griggs (Jellicoe Road)- Understands Taylor, unwavering support

6. Jay Heaton (The Body Finder series)- Best friends who fall in love. Done.

7. Mr.Rochester (Jane Eyre)- Consumed with Jane, very funny

8. Mr. Knightley (Emma)- The loyal friend, always loved Emma

9. Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments series)- Cocky, brave

10. Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices series)- Reads, cocky ( apparently I like ’em arrogant)

11. Henry DeTamble (The Time Traveler’s Wife)- Adores Claire, very smart

12. Jack Force (Blue Bloods)- Forbidden love, scary powerful

Do you know how hard that was? I just want to gush. I just want to go on and on and on about these characters, but if you really want to know more, you should read the books. There are so many others (St. Clair from Anna and The French Kiss, Cricket Bell from Lola and the Boy Next Door, Jase from My Life Next Door, Tobias/Four from the Divergent series, and so on). To me, a great hero is made in the way he loves and treats the heroine. That’s why the ones who seem to fall the hardest, to love the strongest and who are the most devoted, always capture my heart. And honestly, where my favorites are concerned, there’s always something–a quality, a moment, a saying–that reminds me of my husband and I’m totally hooked (he thinks I’m crazy when I tell him that and then he asks me to stop comparing him to books. Boys!).

I’ll leave you with this great meme my buddy sent to me on Facebook.

fictional characters

Happy Tuesday!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Top Literary Crushes

  1. ha! I agree with all but three of yours, since I can’t attest to their swoon-worthiness (1, 3, 12). I knew you’d have a list I agree with — except I can compartmentalize my attraction and don’t necessarily “see” my husband in all of the literary characters I’m attracted to… hope that doesn’t make me seem unfaithful!

  2. I’d have to say Adam and Jay are my favorites from your list, but so many that we both love! I love “The List” – That was so much fun when I first read it!! I love this week’s TTT! Such a blast reading everyone’s lists!

  3. Maybe I’m suffering from some yet to be diagnosed brain disorder that prevents me from getting the whole Michael Moscovitz thing, but I just don’t get the whole Michael Moscovitz thing. [goes to get shield for protection against violent attacks perpetrated by people that do get the whole Michael Moscovitz thing]
    My list would have to include Cricket St. Clair (Lola and the Boy Next Door /Anna and the French Kiss – Okay – that may be cheating, but I just love an extra cute, tall/short, shy/outgoing fella that gives me amazingly thoughtful gifts.
    Four / Tobias – No explanation necessary.
    Additionally, I would substitute Mr. Darcy for Mr. Knightly.

    • I totally get what you’re saying with MM. Sometimes I think I ruin him for people (which is part of my evil plan to make him all mine. Booohaaaaa). No, really. I blabbed about him forever to Vee and I kept saying he reminded me of my hubs in high school and then she read the books and loved them but had to admit that she could never be attracted to him because now all she pictured was my husband. Totally messed it up for her. I can’t explain what it is about him. I just love him. 🙂 I totally agree on your list. I have a love/hate thing with Mr. Darcy. I actually love him but his aloofness makes me so mad (which is probably how I should feel). Then in the end I love him again.

    • HOLY CRAP!!!! What is wrong with me? He should totally be on that list. One of my favorite things about him was that he was funny. I love someone who can make me laugh.

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