My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My Life Next Door

The Story:

Samantha Reed sits atop her roof and watches the Garrett family (in a totally non-creepy, anti-Edward Cullenish way). They’re so opposite from her own small, reserved family, so large and overflowing with children and laughter and toys everywhere.  Sam’s life is bland and predictable by comparison, spent often alone or in the public eye due to her mother’s political career. Every move they make is planned, crafted to create the image of the Senator with the ideal family and the perfectly contained life.  Her father is out of the picture and her sister is away for the summer, so Sam has little to do but watch and imagine life for the Garretts, that family her mom has always snubbed her nose at.

One night Jase, one of the boys next door (hence the title!!!!) surprises Sam by climbing to her sacred rooftop and joining her.  He’s funny, he’s nice, and the two begin an easy friendship that quietly turns into a pretty swoonworthy romance. Sam becomes enveloped into the Garrett family, tumbling headfirst in love with not only Jase, but his siblings, his parents, his life.  She keeps this love and these relationships secret from her mother, the one person who would deeply disapprove. When the families reach a crossroads she ultimately has to choose where her loyalty truly lies.

My Thoughts:

Man, I loved–absolutely adored–this book. It has everything: love, kissing, sa-woon, family drama (not melodrama), summer (why are books set in summer so superior?). Fitzpatrick does an amazing job at conveying the beauty and fumbles of first love, the force with which it completely consumes us, the sweetness in all those awkward first moments. She created so many characters to fall in love with here: Sam, Jase (sweet holy moley, you will love him), and all of Jase’s family. There is such warmth, such humor that radiates from each person. Her writing felt vaguely Dessen-ish (a huge compliment in my book). It made me want to climb inside and be a part of this world that wasn’t extraordinarily different from yours or mine, but gorgeous all the same.

Crush Intensity: 4.75/5 I loved it!

Thank you: Someone wrote me an e-mail about fifty billion years ago, telling me I should read this book. Being an intense e-mail cleaner outer, I’ve since lost the message. To whomever it was, thank you, thank you, thank you! I put myself on the wait list for this book at my library when you recommended it to me and it has taken that long for it to come in. Still, it was soooooo worth the wait. 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Life Next Door

    • I really think you must urgently do a write up on Jase. I loved him. I know I already told you this,but that part The Day After when he admits to hammering his finger because he was so lost in thought? Yeah, I think I melted a little.

  1. As much as you all have been chatting about this book, I really need to get my hands on it. I think I need a little bit of cute swoony love! Maybe I’ll hold off on reading this one until the summer… when I can lay out and lose myself in the kissing!!!

  2. I really liked this book, too. I can’t say it was an alltime favorite, but I enjoyed it a lot. I loved Jase’s family! It was my favorite part of the book.

  3. ooh! now i totally need to read this freaking book! so excited. i got it for christmas, but i think i’ll push it up and hopefully read it before the month is out! great review, as usual.

    • Susan!!!!!! Thank you so much! I really loved it. Like, I already want to read it again. Now I wish I’d bought it since I waited all that time for it from the library and now I already want to go back and re-read my favorite parts.

  4. absolutely love this book!!!!!!!! doing an essay on it and i loaned my book to my friend so we can freak out about how perfect Jase is! but i need the sisters name and i cannot remember it for the life of me! do you know it?

    • I have the worst memory EVER (except for 80’s movie quotes and random song lyrics), so I conferred with some of my girls and they said that the older sister is Alice and the younger, Andy. Hope that helps!

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