Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful ladies  The Broke and The Bookish. TTT3W This week we are talking about topics or words that make me pick up a book. God, there are SO MANY!!! I will try to hold back, because really, this is going to be fun.

1. Michael Moscovitz– Yeah, so I’m totally cheating here since he’s specific to a certain series, but I will read anything about him. It can be a blog post from someone professing their love of him, it can be a re-read of Forever Princess (kissing for twenty blocks, you guys. Twenty), or anything. I even have a song on my iPod, performed by Switchblade Kittens, simply because it is about Michael Moscovitz. He is the fake man of my dreams.

2. Anything Austenesque– If it’s a rewrite, if it’s inspired by or whatever, I like anything to do with Austen. I don’t care how many times people redo P&P, I’ll read it. If it’s about a woman obsessed with Austen, I’ll read it. Love her, love her stories, and I love how she inspires people. Sidenote: I also love movie versions of these stories. If you’ve not watched Lost In Austen do yourself a favor and find it now. It’s so funny.

3. Kissing– I like books with kissing, books about kissing, and books with people who are kissing or almost kissing on the cover. Yep, that about sums it up. I don’t need super steam and people tearing their clothes off, just some good smooching.

4. Paris– I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and I’m drawn to stories set there, especially YA. I’d like to say it’s for the beauty and the culture, but it’s really for the food and the shopping.

5. England– Ditto, in fact, I’m probably even more drawn to England than Paris. What? I know. I think it’s an accent thing.

6. Fish Out of Water– I love stories about people who are trying to adjust to a new environment, new situation, etc. I think this is because generally, they have an awkward transition and I am an extremely awkward person. Maybe it makes me feel like someone gets me.

7. Summer– The funny thing is, I hate hot. I mean, I’m from California where everyone brags that yes, it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat so it’s not so bad. You know what? It’s still hot, sweltering at times. I complain a lot when it’s hot (and when it’s cold. I’m super-fun to be around all the time, obviously). For some strange reason though, I love books set in the summertime. Maybe it’s the beachiness, the summer romance, remembering that feeling of having an endless stretch of weeks to lull around and hang with friends…I’m not really sure, but I love summer books.

8. Best Friend Stories– I love stories about friends. It can be large groups (like The Truth About Forever) or duos. It can be sad and more realistic like Twenty Boy Summer (Summer! Bonus points) or funny like Mostly Good Girls. Books about friendship remind me of those days when everything–I mean everything–centered around my girlfriends. Those were good times.

9. Funny- Make me laugh and I will love you forever. Not joking.

10. Girls Who Kick Butt– I’m a nerd who is pretty much afraid of everything. I also have no discernible skills or physical abilities, so girls who are awesome and outsmart everyone and beat up the bad guys and give the finger to the man and then skin a squirrel for dinner are totally my heroes.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. This list is so YOU. I really love all these things in a book… not so much summer because it’s my least favorite time of year, but even then it always ends up being exciting. I’ll definitely have to check out Lost in Austen… I think I’ve seen a little of it, but can’t remember!

    And Michael should be in more books. Just saying.

  2. Oh yes!! I love best friend stories and girls who kick butt! 🙂 Great choices! They’re all so very “you”!! For some reason I was totally drawing a blank this week… I just couldn’t think of anything!

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