Top Ten Tuesday- Top Happy Books

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This week we’re talking about the top books we go to for a light and fun read. So, this post is going to be super redundant because many of my favorite, favorite books–the ones I draw little hearts around in my head–are light & fun because that’s what I like to read! When you check out my list, try to act surprised. Practice your surprised face now. Ready? Go.

Got Your Number1. Anything by Sophie Kinsella- Yeah, whatever, she’s not YA but her books are super-fun. I love all of the Shopaholics (until we get to Mini Shopaholic, then no). I especially love Luke Brandon (accent!). I recently read I’ve Got Your Number and was giggling the whole time. Her books make me want to eat chocolate and take a bubble bath.

Past Perfect2. Leila Sales books- This girl is funny and her characters are dorky, both are things I love.

the truth about forever3. Sarah Dessen,  Specifically The Truth About Forever or This Lullaby– Both have serious underlying issues, but they aren’t central. The love story and the friendships here take center stage. Plus, both books have their fair share of kissing, humor and cuteness. Need I mention the Bertmobile or the Potato Opus? I think not.

Lola4. Stephanie Perkins- If you read Anna and the French Kiss or Lola and the Boy Next Door and do not have a grin plastered to your face the entire time something may be wrong with your smile reflex. I’m just sayin.

Ruby Oliver

5. The Ruby Oliver books- Oh, she is awkward but that is what makes these books so funny. Plus, E. Lockhart is awesome. Her humor, her quirkiness and her characters grab me every time.

Epic Fail6. Books inspired by Pride & Prejudice-  Epic Fail, Prom & Prejudice, Enthusiasm, I’m talking about you.

Nerd Book7. The Summer I Became a Nerd– I just read this book and already I want to read it again. There is a funny protagonist, a hot nerd boy and LARPing, you guys. And kissing, of course. But LARPing, hello.

Going Vintage8.  Going Vintage– Because I think I was born to live in another, more conservative, more fashionable era. But not really. Also, there’s kissing and tingly toes moments, thank you.

Freshman Year9. Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters- This books made me laugh and giggle and snort. And the end just felt good–happy– like I feel when I watch Sixteen Candles. You guys know how I feel about that.

The Princess Diaries10. The Princess Diaries series- Oh, did you think you were going to get through this post without a PD mention? Think again my crazy friend! I am pretty much always reading one PD book or another at any given time. These books truly make me happy from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Top Happy Books

  1. Your list makes me uber happy! Mostly because I’ve read a lot of these books and they make me uber happy! Such a fun list and glad to see another Sophie Kinsella fan! 🙂

  2. no surprise here, but i did have a smile on my face the entire time! I loved What’s my Number, too and I’m listening to the audio right now of Twenties Girl. She’s fantastic.

  3. Great choices!! I still really want to read Past Perfect and Epic Fail. I loved LaZebnik’s new book The Trouble With Flirting. I think I’d really like her other stuff!

  4. Great list! Susan Spira, author of “Happy Shorts”, “The Happy Tips Book”, and “One-Liners For Life,” is another great author to check out. Her book, “The Happy Tips Book” is like having a friend sit on your shoulder, guide, and nurture you. Written in a friend to friend style with warmth and compassion.

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