Super Awesome Movie News

In recent months, my daughter has introduced me to The Giver.

GiverAnd I loved it. I mean, of course I did. It’s THE GIVER.

She and I have been anxiously anticipating more details on the forthcoming film version (anxiously, as all bookish nerds do when a beloved story is being adapted to film). There hasn’t been a ton of info out there, but here what we know:

Jeff BridgesJeff Bridges is in it. I’m assuming he’s Giver, but I didn’t see anywhere that it’s official.  And by anywhere I mean in my single stop on IMDB.

Brenton ThwaitesThis is Jonas. I know. The age is sooooo wrong. I have no idea why a twenty-four year-old was cast to play a twelve year-old, but let’s not judge. He could be great. Or not. I have no idea.

And here’s the super-awesome part of the post.

Meryl StreepThis is Chief Elder. Oh hells yes, it’s Meryl Streep. It was officially announced this week (or last week if you believed the casting rumors).

But wait. There’s more movie news!

The Book Thief

Have you been keeping up on the film adaptation of The Book Thief?  If so, you know that Geoffrey Rush (LOVE HIM!) and Emily Watson (fabulous!) are playing Hans and Rosa. Adorable newcomer Sophie Nelisse is playing Liesel.  The film will be out November 15, so I’ve been waiting to see images or a trailer or something. And finally, finally the studio released some stills last week.

the-book-thief-starring-sophie-nelisseI mean, does it get better than this?

BT Still


BT Train

Book Thief Hideout

BT Kids

I can’t wait for this movie!

5 thoughts on “Super Awesome Movie News

  1. I’ve read The Giver about 4 times now. It’s one of my all-time favorite books! I’m not even sure how I can handle it being turned into a movie. My emotions.Gah. Gahhh. Thanks for the movie update!!

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