Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Make My Life Easier

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


This week we are talking about the things that make our lives as bloggers, and honestly, as readers, just a little bit easier.  Holy cow, I’m sure I’m saying the same items as everyone else, but you guys, these things are essential to my life as a nerd.

1. Other Blogs- Bloggers, you make my life so much easier because first, you entertain me with your witty banter and awesome insight, but what I really appreciate is that you recommend great books to me. This is essential for any bookworm.

2. WordPress- Yeah, so I’m not super-technical and WordPress is the easiest site ever. I write my posts. I schedule them. Done.

3. Goodreads- This site caters to the obsessive nerd in me because lists rock my world. They make me feel as if I’ve achieved something fantastically amazing and there’s a sense of pride I feel when I look back on my list (grocery lists, book boyfriends, to do lists, etc) and can feel organized and accomplished. What can I say? I’m easy to please.

4. Blogging Friends- This is different from blogs. Some blogs I stalk and never comment (I know, soooo bad) and others are run by people I consider my friends. Outside of the fact that they keep me sane on a daily basis (and make me laugh A LOT), we share books. This makes me do the happy dance at my mailbox on a regular basis.

5. Netgalley- Oh, I request too many books at once and get mad at myself, but what a wonderful resource for bloggers and authors/publishers looking to promote their books.

6. The Library- Hello, oh obvious choice! I frequent two libraries in my area. When my children were little there were craft times and story times and sing alongs, and even though we don’t utilize those options any longer (sob) we’re there quite often. One library has an amazing YA librarian who has flawless taste and the other library pulls in books from several other libraries for me–get this–at no charge. That system was obviously created by a brilliant bookworm, just sayin.

7. Barnes and Noble- I know many people favor Amazon, and that’s cool, but I’ve always been a B&N girl. Again, the kiddos and I used to attend story time in our local store on a weekly basis (this is such a sweet memory for me that, yes folks, I well up sometimes when I walk into a store during storytime sans my now school-age children). Now, our family likes to go in and peruse the aisles. You just can’t have that kind of fun with online shopping. And of course, we have our membership so that we can order things online whenever we wish (which is often).

8. My Book Club- I love these ladies. We drink wine and eat too much food and laugh so much of the time. They also help me to broaden my horizons and expand the parameters on what I’m willing to read. Normally, I read almost exclusively YA with a random Adult Fic thrown in there. These girls have exposed me to novels I’ve loved (and would not have read had they not chosen them), even books on health ( Crazy Sexy Diet by Kriss Carr. Not a “diet book”, but it totally inspired me to make so many healthy changes. Never would have happened without my book club).

9. My Nook- I was one of those last hangers-on. I did not want to give in and get any kind of e-reader. And I still mostly read real live books made of paper and ink. I still prefer to do it that way (I’m a bathtub reader and am known to drop my books in the water often). My husband bought me a Nook for Christmas though and I have to say, I love it. The immediacy of getting a book the moment I want it (ok, not the moment, but the first possible instance I possibly can after it’s actually been published), the ability to take several books with me at once, and the ease of downloading wonderful e-galleys from Netgalley and Edelweiss instead of reading them on my PC. You can’t beat that.

10. Authors, Publishers & Social Media-I’m grouping all of these together because, while I’m not besties with any of my favorite authors, social media, especially Twitter, makes it so much easier to communicate with all bookish people–especially publishers and authors who choose to put themselves out there. While I’m not a stalker, I relish the opportunity to tell an author or publisher how much I loved a book. On the same note, I’m sooooo thankful for the publishers who share ARCs and e-galleys with bloggers and the authors who write those super fab books we all want to read.

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Make My Life Easier

  1. All of these things are so great! What I love most about these things is that they not only make blogging easier, but they make reading and enjoying books easier! Not that it was hard before… While I’m totally an Amazon girl, going to Barnes and Noble makes me extremely happy! There’s something so comforting about being in a book store that you just can’t get from Amazon.

    And yay blogger friends! 🙂

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who still likes going to Barnes and Noble! Sometimes I have to put a book down, because I know I can save at least $5 if I order on Amazon, but if I’m not ready to make a big book order and get the free shipping, it’s worth it to just buy one book at a time.

  3. Oh my gosh, yes, I love WordPress! I can’t imagine using blogger, and I like leaving comments on wordpress blogs more. It’s so much easier, and it looks prettier 🙂

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