Trailers, Baby!

Two amaaaaazing trailers premiered recently.  Last night at the VMA’s (no, I didn’t watch because I’m old. I checked my Twitter feed like everyone else), the first Divergent teaser trailer was shown.

Um, that was, in a word, AWESOME!!!! I think I watched it about twelve times last night (and not because Four is hot, I swear). It looks so good. I have high hope for this one. I love Divergent. I love it even more than I did The Hunger Games and I think they can pull this one off.

And then the trailer for The Book Thief was released last week. If you’ve not already seen it, feast your eyes.

This one gave me chills.  My husband, who has not read the book and knows nothing of the story, got a little verkelmpt, too. I think this movie will be beautiful. I’m interested to see how they handle Death and whether or not he will narrate any portions of the story (the voice over in the trailer makes me think not), but it looks like they’ve captured the heart of the story.

So what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Trailers, Baby!

  1. Lately, Hollywood has decided to turn every young adult novel into a movie. I’m usually not on the boat for this. A few of my favorite novels have been tarnished by a horrible movie adaptation. However, I love both Divergent and The Book Thief. These trailers look excellent, and I hope the movies exceed my expectations.

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