I’m just curious what your thoughts are on rereads. Lately, I’ve had tons and tons of books to read (not exactly a problem, I realize), but I spent a good portion of this summer reading books I’ve probably read a million times. Why, you ask? Because they make me happy. Sometimes nothing comforts me like stepping into a world I know as well as my own. It’s like coming home, like seeing my closest friends (wow, I sound like a loser. I have real live actual friends, I swear).

Forever PrincessThis summer I went through the entire Princess Diaries series. Shocker, right? You’re bowled over by that statement, I’m sure. I read those books all of the time in random order (and have read the whole series all the way through about 4 times), on a pretty much ongoing basis. But still, I laughed in all the best parts. I giggled at all the inside jokes and I cried during the breakup and Dr. Knutz scenes. And in the end, when I finished the last book I was so, so happy.

Summer I Turned PrettyI also went through Jenny Han’s summer series again. I’ve read the first one a few times but had only read the last two once each. Oh, (clutches heart) I love those books. I can’t even explain it. They just feel so real. I love Conrad. I hate him. I love him again. And again. And I want Jeremiah to be my buddy and teach me to drive like he did Belly (in addition to having real, live friends, I also know how to drive).

the truth about foreverNow, I’m rereading The Truth About Forever. Again, I’ve read this book approximately eleventy times. But is has a hold of my heart. Again. Gotcha!

Where She WentThe Sky is EverywhereI think next up will be Where She Went (le sighs all around) and The Sky is Everywhere (bat bat). Forget the fact that there are at least ten books I have to read and that I still have signed copies of Prodigy and Just One Day sitting on my shelf lonely and unread. These other books are calling me.

Do you have any books like that? Ones you never tire of or are you someone who read a book once and lets it go?


9 thoughts on “Rereads

  1. I’m more likely to immediately re-read than to re-read a book annually. If I love a book, I will probably start it over again or at least re-read whole chunks before starting another book, because I can’t get it out of my head (Marchetta, The Sky Is Everywhere, Before I Die, Eleanor & Park, etc. etc.). I will re-read for a book club, of course, but I have so much new stuff to read that unless it’s the previous installment in a series I need to skim so I’m not out of the loop, or something I need to re-read for a review, I don’t tend to re-read the same books again and again. An exception is “Finnikin of the Rock,” which I re-read after reading “Froi” *and* “Quintana.” Even some of my all-time favorite books I’ve read maybe three-four times total, certainly not every year!

  2. “Sometimes nothing comforts me like stepping into a world I know as well as my own.” – I love that sentence. It is the epitome of the multiple reread. If there is a book I have read more than once, it is very likely that it is a book I’ve read many times. A few examples: I’ve read Jellico Road so many times that there are portions of the book I’m pretty sure I could recite from memory. I finally had to buy paperback version of Prisoner of Azkaban (my fave HP book), to save the spine of my hardcover. Ditto with my fave Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice. Although I really like Sarah Dessen, I’ve never one of her books more than once. Go figure.

    • 🙂 You read my mind. I was thinking about rereading Jellicoe Road soon. I loaned it out recently and, of course, the person LOVED it and while we were discussing it I kept thinking about how I haven’t read it over a year. That’s a serious Jonah and Taylor drought.

  3. i usually listen to the audio of one of the harry potter books a couple times a year. i’ve reread the first three Mortal Instruments multiple times. i wish i had more time for rereads, but i have so many committments…which is why i’ve been so much in a reading funk lately and i want to take a blogging break…

  4. I love rereading books – there’s honestly nothing better than rereading an old favorite. It’s like rewatching cancelled television shows or classic movies – I get to experience a blast from the past. It’s fun to see if my opinion of a book has changed days/months/years later – sometimes I love a book even more, sometimes I realize it was an absolutely horrible read and I’m embarrassed to have read it.

    That being said, the Princess Diaries series is quite possibly the best YA series ever written. And The Truth About Forever is absolutely flawless – I reread it once a month (sometimes twice if I need the pick me up).

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