The Obsessive Rereader: Lola and The Boy Next Door

As we discussed last week, I can’t possibly make the time to read the thirty billion books sitting on my nightstand right now because I have a deep, urgent need to reread books I’ve read twenty times.

This week, it’s Lola and The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins.


The Cover:

Even though I’m normally ashamed of covers like this in public, that’s a whole lotta cuteness over there on the right side.

Why I Love It:

Um, because Cricket Bell is so adorably, dorky, nerdy awkward I don’t know if I should pants him or kiss him.  Ok, so being a nerd, I would never pants anyone, but you get the idea. Cricket is this adorable ball of energy and he’s SO into Lola. I love how he lays his cards on the table and is forthcoming about his feelings. I mean, that moment in Amoeba Records? Wanted to DIE (and in many other parts as well).

The Writing:

I love Stephanie Perkins. She’s funny and she writes GREAT characters–people I want to know. People I want to read about (again and again). Lola’s dads crack me up and Lola, with her weird costume fetish and her childhood crush on Cricket, just makes me smile.


Anna and St. Clair from Anna and The French Kiss make an appearance. Honestly though it’s a close call, I actually like Lola and The Boy Next Door better than Anna. But maybe that’s just me and my hang up with not being able to seriously crush on short guys (I’m sorry St. Clair! You’re utterly charming. Let’s be friends).

Shame Factor:

I’d forgotten that, even though I sort of hated him, I was also oddly attracted to Max, Lola’s boyfriend. It’s gotta be the rock and roll thing. I liked how they got together and he’s all intense. In real life I’d hate a guy like that, and in the book Cricket is far superior. I don’t want Lola with Max, but I get it.

If you haven’t read this one at least once, pick it up! Do it! Now!

4 thoughts on “The Obsessive Rereader: Lola and The Boy Next Door

  1. I absolutely adored both of these books. I’m actually going through a re-reading phase myself right now. I picked up both Anna and Lola on audiobook last week. I’ve been listening to Anna during my commute the past few days. I think I’m even more in love with Etienne on audiobook. ❤

  2. you’ve made me want to reread this one, as well! i’m totally with you on the pushing all the other books aside for the ones you know will make your heart sing. good call.

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